Latin America's Geographic Understandings

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  1. this place is very arid and cold. It is home to penguins and looks similar to the moon or Mars
    Atacama Desert
  2. One of two countries in S. America that is completely landlocked. It touches Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Paraguay.
  3. This country is in the middle of the Carribean Sea. It shares an Island with the Dominican Republic
  4. the body of water that Forrest Gump shrimped in.  It touches Mexico and USA
    Gulf of Mexico
  5. This country is the northern part of South America. It touches Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela
  6. The USA helped build this. If it wasn't built the huge cargo ships would have to go around South America
    Panama Canal
  7. The Andes Mountains are part of these mountains.  They are older and look rounder and softer
  8. Largest fresh water source on earth. It's tributaries span almost the entire continent of S. America
    Amazon River
  9. In terms of the geological timeline, these are young. They are this very jagged and sharp looking because they have not been eroded.
    Andes Mountains
  10. The largest body of water and it has the Ring of Fire underneath it.
    Pacific Ocean
  11. This country is located in the Carribean Sea. We have trade embargo with them.
  12. This country touches the USA.  A body of water is named after it.
  13. We gave this country the Panama Canal
  14. The body of water below the Gulf of Mexico that is famous for its beautiful waters
    Caribbean Sea
  15. The largest country in South America. It has a set of highlands named after it.
  16. The Pacific Ocean is the _____ocean in the world.
  17. This ocean touches N America, S America, Asia and Australia
    Pacific Ocean
  18. The Pacific Ocean is a major component of _________________ trade
  19. The currents of the Pacific ocean greatly affect the climates of the region. It brings ______ to some locations and ________ the moisture away from others.
    • rain
    • drains
  20. This body of water borders the states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi. Louisiana and Texas. It also borders the northeastern coast of Mexico, north of the Yucatan Peninsula
    Gulf of Mexico
  21. The Gulf of Mexico is the ___________ to the Mississippi River, the Caribbean Sea and the Panama Canal
  22. The gulf waters eventually move up the Gulf Stream and northeastward across the Atlantic bringing __________ and __________ to Europe
    • Warmth
    • moisture
  23. The ___________ may be best known for its "paradise" locations and beautiful islands which draws millions of tourists each year.
    Caribbean Sea
  24. The Caribbean region has struggled ____________ because of lack of minerals and ___________ upon the traveling of Europeans, Asians and most of N. Americans
    • economically
    • depend
  25. Major Caribbean island nations are Cuba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Haiti and the American _________ Puerto Rico
  26. In the Caribbean, the larger group of islands are called the Greater ______ and the smaller more southern groups are called the Lesser ____________
    • Antilles
    • Antilles
  27. The Sierra Madre Mountains are actually a pair of ranges called the ____________and ____________ ranges
    • Occidental
    • Oriental
  28. The Sierra Madre Mountains are a  ______ mountain range in the north and a more rainforest-like climate in the south.
  29. The Sierra Madre Mountains surround the city of ____________, Mexico and were home to the early _________ cultures of the region
    • Mexico City
    • native
  30. A man-made physical feature that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific. Its construction was first attempted by the French but proved to be too costly in lives and money. It was later completed by the US
    Panama Canal
  31. The Panama Canal is controlled by the _________ government.
  32. Rugged, extreme and jagged mountains famed for their picturesque landscapes, barren stretches of land and challenging climbs
    Andes Mountains
  33. The Andes Mountains are a relatively __________ mountain range and were created by the collision of the ______ ________ and the South American Plate.
    • youthful
    • Pacific Plate
  34. The region of __________ is know to be one fo the most extreme climate regions of the world.
  35. The ___________ Desert borders the Pacific Ocean and stretches 600 miles along western Peru
  36. The cool water current of the __________ __________ drives moisture northward from the southwestern location of South America to North America.
    Atacama Desert
  37. The Atacama desert is home to over 1 million people and a temporary home for _______.
  38. The ________fresh water source on Earth, home to _________of species and some of the most remote areas on Earth. 
    • Amazon River
    • billions
  39. The Amazon ___________ surrounds the Amazon River and is a vital resource to S. America.
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