Medical Terminology Chapter 6 Anatomy&Physiology Overview of the Nervous System

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  1. What are the functions of the nervous system?
    • provides a system of communication between the brain and distant parts of the body.
    • Maintains homeostasis by┬ámonitoring changes in the environment inside and outside of the body
  2. What is the function of nerve impulses?
    Conducts all communication by electrochemical messages.
  3. what is the primary organ of the nervous system?
  4. what are the special routes called that nerve impulses use to move through the body at very high speeds?
  5. what are the two divisions of the nervous system?
    • CNS=Central Nervous System
    • PNS=Peripheral Nervous System
  6. The CNS consist of what structures?
    Brain and spinal cord
  7. The PNS consist of what structures?
    nerves,sensory receptors and ganglia
  8. What are the functional cells of the nervous tissue called and from where do they receive support?
    neurons, supported by the nearby neuroglial cells
  9. Each neuron consist of a cell body and numerous branches which include dendrites, and a single axon what are the functions of these structures?
    • The cell body contains the nucleus and most of the cytoplasam
    • The dendrites extend from the cell body and carries impulses towards the cell body
    • the axon carries impulses away from the cell body

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Medical Terminology Chapter 6 Anatomy&Physiology Overview of the Nervous System
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