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  1. Sigmund Freud: Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality
    Freud's thories include levels of consciousness, structure of personality, and stages of child developement.
  2. Alfred Adler: Individual Psychology
    Adler's theories include personality developement, importance of birth order, self image, and methods of psyhoanalsis.
  3. John B. Watson: Behaviorism
    Watson developed an objective way of analyzing behavior that empasized the observable behavior of individuals rather than their emotional or mental state.
  4. Ivan Pavlov: Classical or Respondent Conditioning
    Pavlov's experimental work with dogs led to his theories about unconditioned and conditioned stimulus and response behavior, which he later described under the model called classical conditioning
  5. Jean Piaget: Cognitive Development
    Piaget developed a stag model of how children's cognitive abilities develop over time.
  6. Leo Vigotsky: Child Developement
    Vigotsky focoused on children's learning process and the use of language in learning.
  7. Kurt Lewin: Social Psychology
    Lewin was known for his work in the areas of social psychology, organizatonal management and applied psychology.
  8. Anna Freud: Ego Defense Mechanisms
    Anna Freud worked primarily with children and identified unconscious defense mechanisms used to protect the ego.
  9. Abraham Maslow: Hierarchy of Needs
    Maslow viewed the needs of human beings as hierarchial. He developed a pyramid of human needs that ranged from the most basic to higher-order needs.
  10. Rene Spitz: Ego Developement
    Spitz focused on the ego development of the child and the relationship between mother and child.  He is known for his identification of "hospitalism" which he also called "Anaclitic depression."
  11. Erik Erikson: Ego Psychology
    Erickson built upon Freudian theories and expanded these concepts to adult developement.  He identified the psychosocial stages of developement from birth to death.
  12. Margaret Mahler: The Separation-Individuation Process
    Mahler worked with disturbed children, studying infant-mother interaction, and the process through which the infant individuates from the mother.
  13. B. F. Skinner: Operant Conditioning
    Skinner outlined Behavioral therapy.  His focus was on Operant conditioning, or the use of consequences to modify the occurrence and form of behavior.
  14. Lawrence Kohlberg: Moral Developement
    Kohlberg's focus was on the developement of moral reasoning for which he developed a six-stage model of moral judegement.
  15. John Bowlby: Attachment Theory
    Bowlby identified the characteristics of a child's attachment to his or her caregiver and the phases that a child experiences when separated from the caregiver.
  16. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: Death and Dying
    Kubler-Ross identified the stages that individuals go through in the dying process.
  17. Person In Envronment System (PIE) Theory: James Karl and Karen Wandrei
    These individuals developed an assessment system that evalutes social, environmental, mental and physical health problems, and client strengths
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