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  1. Fascism
    A militant and nationalistic movement that emphasized loyalty to the state and obedience to its leader
  2. Benito Musolini
    Newspaper editor and Fascist leader of Italy; known for his powerful speeches. vowed to return Italy to its past greatness
  3. black Shirts
    Groups of Fascist soldiers loyal to Mussolini who would ttack communists and socialists o the streets
  4. March on Rome
    Resulted in Mussolin becoming the leader of Italy
  5. Victor Emanuel
    the king of Italy during WWI
  6. Il Duce
    Mussolini's nickname "leader"
  7. Hitler
    the Fascist dictator that rejected the treaty of Versailles, began to rearm germany and blamed Jews and communists for WWI
  8. Nazism
    The German brand of Fascism, the nationalist Socialist german Worker's party
  9. Swastica
    A hooked cross that the Nazi's adopted for their symbol
  10. Brown Shirts
    Hitler's private militia of storm troopers
  11. Dur Fuhr
    Hitler's nickname "leader"
  12. hall Hutch
    Attempt by Hitler to over throw the German government that started in a German Beer hall and resulted in Hitlers imporsonment
  13. mein kampf
    Hitler's book, My Struggle. Hitler set forth his goals for Germany
  14. Aryans
    Hitler;s term for the "master race", especially those who were blond and blue eyed
  15. Lebensraum
    "living space" Hitler believed Germany could obtain this by conquering eastern Europe and Russia
  16. Alfred Hindenberg
    84 year old president of Germany who named Hitler chancellor in 1933 bc they thought they could control Hitler
  17. SS pilice
    Groups loyal to Hitler, an elite black uniformed unit that killed Hitler's enemies. Secret police
  18. Juan Perron
    Argentinean dictator who patterned his rule after that of European Fascists
  19. Hitler youth
    "Hitler Jugend" joined by most German school boys
  20. Jesse Owens
    This American sprinter won four gold medals in the 1932 Berlin Olympics
  21. Appeasment
    Practice of giving into a dictator to keep peace
  22. Acis Power
    japan, Italy & germany alliance
  23. Francisco franco
    The Fascist leader of Spain after the Civil War
  24. Isolation
    The belief that political ties to other countries should be avoided to prevent war
  25. Third Reich
    Germany's empire that would include Austria and Szechoslovakia
  26. munich confrence
    A meeting of France, Germany, and Britain that allowed Germany to occupy the Rhineland and Hitler promised to respect Cxechoslovakia's new borders
  27. Kelleg-Briand Pact
    International agreement signed in 1922 renouncing all war
  28. Emperor Hirohito
    The Godlike leader of japan during WWII
  29. Hideki Tojo
    A militaristic japanese general and Prime Minister of japan during WWII
  30. Rape of Nanking
    The Japanese attack on thousands of captured troops and civilians during the Japanese occupation of China
  31. Haille Sellasi
    The emperor of Ethiopia during WWII
  32. Ethiopia
    Taken over by Italy during WWII
  33. Rhineland
    A region or buffer zone between France and Germany that Hitler militarized in 1936
  34. Guerrnica
    A famous painting by Pablo Picasso that shows the brutality of the Nazi air attack on  a Spanish town
  35. Neutrality acts
    Banned loans and the sale of arms to nations at war
  36. Anschluss
    Term for the unification of Austria and Germany
  37. Sudetenland
    Area in Czechoslovakia where German-speaking people lived
  38. Danzig
    Region in Poland desired by Hitler for its port
  39. Chamberlain
    The leader of Britain at the beginning of WWII who practiced the policy of appeasement
  40. non agression pact
    An agreement to not attack each other that was signed by germany and the USSR
  41. league of Nations
    An international association created after WWI with the goal of keeping peace between nations
  42. Treaty of Versailles
    An agreement between Germany and the Allied Powers of WWI that limited Germany's ability to rearm
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