Race and Ethics

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  1. Slave Codes
    Laws that defined the low position held by slaves in the US
  2. Racial Formation
    a sociohistorical process by which racial categories are created, inhabited, transformed, and destroyed
  3. Afrocentric Perspective
    an emphasis on the customs of African cultures and how they have pervaded the history, culture, and behavior of Blacks in the US and around the world
  4. Ebonics
    distinctive dialect with a complex language structure found among many Black americans
  5. Abolitionists
    Whites and free blacks who favored the end of slavery
  6. Jim Crow
    Southern laws passed in the late nineteenth century that kept blacks in their subordinate position
  7. White primary
    legal provisions forbidding black voting in election primaries, which in one party areas of the South effectively denied Blacks their right to select elected officals
  8. Slavery reparation
    the act of making amends for the injustices of slavery
  9. Restrictive covenant
    a private contract or agreement that discourages or prevents minority-group members from purchasing housing in a neighborhood
  10. sundown towns
    communities where non whites were systematically excluded from living
  11. De jure segregation
    children assigned to schools specifically to maintain racially separated schools
  12. Civil disobedience
    a tactic promoted by Martin Luther King based on the belief that people have the right to disobey unjust laws under certain circumstances
  13. Riff-raff Theory
    also called the rotten-apple theory; the belief that the riots of the 1960s were caused by discontented youths rather than by social and economic problems facing all African Americans
  14. relative deprivation
    the conscious experience of a negative discrepancy between legitimate expectations and present actualities
  15. Rising expectations
    the increasing sense of frustration that legitimate needs are being blocked
  16. acting white
    taking school seriously and accepting the authority of teachers and administrators.
  17. Apartheid schools
    all-black schools
  18. Class
    defined by Max Weber, people who share similar levels of wealth
  19. De Facto segregation
    segregation that is the result of residential patterns
  20. Differential justice
    whites being dealt with more leniently than blacks whether at the time of arrest, indictment, conviction, sentencing, or parole.
  21. Gerrymandering
    redrawing districts bizarrely to create politically advantageous outcomes
  22. Redlining
    The pattern of discrimination against people trying to buy homes in minority and racially changing neighborhoods
  23. tracking
    the practice of placing students in specific curriculum groups on the basis of test scores and other criteria
  24. Victim discounting
    tendency to view crime as less socially significant if the victim is viewed as less worthy
  25. Victimization surveys
    annual attempts to measure crime rates by interviewing ordinary citizens who may or may not have been crime victims
  26. Zoning laws
    legal provisions stipulating land use and the architectural design of housing, often used to keep racial minorities and low-income people out of suburban areas
  27. Borderlands
    the area of a common culture along the border between Mexico and the US
  28. Brain Drain
    immigration to the US of skilled workers who are desperately needed by their home countries
  29. Color Gradient
    the placement of people on a continuum from light to dark skin color rather than distinct racial grouping by skin color
  30. Dry foot, Wet foot
    policy toward Cuban immigrants that allows those who manage to reach the US (dry foot) to remain but sends those who are picked up at sea (wet foot) back to Cuba
  31. Hometown Clubs
    nonprofit organizations that maintain close ties to immigrants hometowns in Mexico and other Latin American countries
  32. Maquiladoras
    foreign-owned companies on the Mexican side of the border with the US
  33. Marielito
    people who arrived from Cuba in the third wave of Cuban immigration, most specifically those forcibly deported by the way of Mariel Harbor. the term generally reserved for refugees seen as especially undersirable
  34. Panethnicity
    the development of solidarity between ethnic subgroups, as reflected in the terms Hispanic and Asian Americans
  35. Remittances
    the monies that immigrant return to their countries of orgin
  36. Transnationals
    immigrants who sustain multiple social relationships that link their societies of origin and settlement
  37. Braceros
    Contracted Mexican laborers brought to the US during world war 2
  38. Chicanismo
    an ideology emphasizing pride and positive identity among Mexican Americans
  39. Culture of Poverty
    a way of life that involves no future planning, no enduring commitment to marriage, and no work ethnic
  40. Curanderismo
    Hispanic folk medicine
  41. Familism
    pride and closeness in the family that results in placing family obligation and loyalty before individual needs
  42. La Raza
    literally meaning "the people" the term refers to the rich heritage of Mexican Americans "Sense of pride"
  43. Mixed Status
    families in which one or more members are citizens and one or more are noncitizens
  44. Mojados
    "wetbacks" derisive slang for Mexicans who enter illegally supposedly by swimming the Rio Grande
  45. Neocolonialism
    continuing dependence of former colonies on foreign countires
  46. Neoricans
    Puerto Ricans who return to the island to settle after living on the mainland of the US
  47. Pentecostalism
    a religion similar in many respects to evangelical faiths that believes in the infusion of the Holy Spirit into services and in religious experiences as faith healing
  48. Repatriation
    the 1930s program of deporting Mexicans
  49. World Systems Theory
    a view of the global economic system as divided between nations that control wealth and those that provide natural resources and labor
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