med words wk 3

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  1. somatic
    of the body
  2. metastasize
    spread of disease
  3. thymoma
    tumor of thymus
  4. carcinoma
    cancerous tumor
  5. epithelioma
    tumor of epithelium
  6. fibroma
    tumor of fibrous tissue
  7. fibrosaecoma
    malignant tumor that arises from fibroblast (cells that produce connective tissue)
  8. lipoma
    benign tumor composed of adipose tissue
  9. liposarcoma
    malignant tumor made of fat
  10. melanocarcinoma
    malignant black tumor
  11. oncology
    study of cancer
  12. pathology
    disease specialist
  13. cancer in situ
    localized cancer
  14. remission
    symptoms of disease have stopped
  15. erythrocytosis
    abnormal increase in the # of circulating RBC
  16. karyocyte
    call that possesses a nucleus
  17. neuroid
    resembling a nerve
  18. bronchiectasis
    dilation of bronchi
  19. lobectomy
    removal of lobe
  20. pneumobronchotomy
    incision of lung and bronchi
  21. pneumonectomy
    surgical removal of lung
  22. aphonia
    loss of voice
  23. dermatitis
    inflammation of the skin
  24. dermatoconiosis
    condition of dust in skin
  25. leiodermia
    smooth skin
  26. leukoderma
    white skin
  27. cystitis
    inflammation of bladder
  28. cystocele
    hernia of bladder
  29. hydronephrosis
    condition of water in kidney
  30. nephroma
    kidney tumor
  31. nephromegaly
    enlarged kidney
  32. nephroptosis
    condition of dropped kidney
  33. pyelonephritis
    inflammation of renal pelvis and kidney
  34. ureteritis
    inflammation of ureter
  35. urethrostenosis
    narrowing of ureter
  36. urethrocycstitis
    inflammation of ureter and bladder
  37. cystoplasty
    surgical repair of bladder
  38. dysuria
    painful urination
  39. glycosuria
    sugar in urine
  40. nocturia
    night time urination
  41. cyanosis
    condition of blue
  42. etiology
    study of causes of disease
  43. disgnosis
    state of complete knowledge
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