Pharm ch 27

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  1. colloids
    protein substances that increase the colloid oncotic pressure
  2. colloid oncotic pressure
    • another name for oncotic pressure
    • it's a form of osmotic pressure exerted by protein in blood plasma that normally tends to pull water into the circulatory sysem
  3. crystalloids
    substances in a solution that diffuse through a semipermeable membrane
  4. dehydration
    • excessive loss of water from the body tissue
    • accompanied by imbalance in the concentrations of essential electrolytes, particularly sodium, potassium, and chloride
  5. Extracellular fluid (ECF)
    portion of the body fluid comprising the interstitial fluid and blood plasma
  6. Extravascular fluid (EVF)
    fluid in the body that is outside the blood vessels
  7. Gradient
    a difference in the concentration of a substance on two sides of a permeable barrier
  8. hydrostatic pressure (HP)
    the pressure exerted by a liquid
  9. hyperkalemia
    most often due to defective renal excretion but can also be due to excessive dietary potassium
  10. hypernatremia
    may be due to defective renal excretion but is more commonly caused by excessive dietary sodium or replacement therapy
  11. hyponatremia
    caused by inadequate excretion of water or by excessive water intake
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