US History

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  1. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    the president who initiated the New Deal and remained in office through the depression and WWII
  2. Ronald Reagan
    elected President in 1980 amid the continued recession.  He called for a return to conservative American values.
  3. Richard Nixon
    President Eisenhower's vice president. He later became President in 1968 and was the only president to resign from office following the Watergate Scandal.
  4. John F. Kennedy
    (JFK) elected President in 1960, challenged the US to land on the moon before the end of the decade, was assassinated in 1963
  5. Robert Kennedy
    the front-runner to gaiin the nomination of the Democratic Party was assassinated in 1968
  6. Martin Luther King Jr.
    (MLK) this minister in Montegomery took up Rosa Parks' cause and organized a boycott of the city busses.  This made him the voice of the cicil rights movement.
  7. Malcom X
    a black civil rights leader who believed the MLK was too nice. X taught that blacks were better than whites and should demand civil rights by foce.
  8. Joseph McCarthy
    Senator who Led McCarthyism... implemented through HUAC, it was the belief that communists infiltrated the highest level of US government.
  9. Douglas MacArthur
    The US general who was the Allied commander of forces in the Pacific during WWII
  10. Nakita Kruschev
    the leader of the USSR after Stalin died
  11. Lyndon Johnson
    (LBJ) succeeded JFK after the assassination in 1963
  12. John Maynard Keynes
    The proponent of "Keynesian" or "pump-priming" economics that became the foundation of the New Deal
  13. Herbert Hoover
    US president when the Depression began in 1929
  14. New Deal
    FDR's program to get the US out of the Great Depression
  15. Bonus Army
    group of WWI veterans who marched on Washington in 1932 asking to receive their pension bonus early
  16. CCC
    Cicilian Conservation Corps was created to provide unskilled government jobs planting trees and building trails, etc.
  17. FDIC
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation created to protect individual bank accounts
  18. Trickle Down Theory
    Giving tax breaks to the rich and businesses will help the poor by helping the economy as a whole.
  19. Rugged Individualism
    Used by Hoover, people should be able to help themselves without the government's help
  20. Okie
    Resident or native of Oklahoma
  21. Black Tuesday
    (October 29, 1929): the largest percentage drop in the stock market in US history and the official beginning of the Great Depression.
  22. 21st Amendment
    Repealed the 18th amendment (prohibition.)
  23. Hoover Blankets
    The homeless used newspapers as Blankets... the term was coined during Hoover's presidency.
  24. Social Security
    A program to provide old age pensions so individual could retire and open jobs for younger people
  25. Bamboo Curtain
    Like Iron Curtain but in Korea
  26. Marshall Plan
    this program provided economic aid to Europe after WWII in anattempt to rebuild Europe and preven the spread of communism.
  27. 38th Parallel
    this is the dividing line between communist North Korea and non-communist South Korea
  28. United Nations
    this organization of most of the world's nations attempts to maintain world peace.
  29. HUAC
    the House Un-American activities Committee investigated Americans during the Red Scare of the 1950s
  30. Berlin Airlift
    When Stalin closed this German city in attempt to expand communism, the US and its allies provided critical supplies by air until Stalin backed down.
  31. Sputnik
    the first artificial satellite launched into orbit.  This was done by the USSR
  32. Brown vs. Board of Education
    this 1954 Supreme Court decision said school in the US could not be segregated.
  33. Domino Effect
    Used to justify American's involvement around the world.  If one country turned communist all of the countries surrounding it would to.
  34. Israel
    this nation was created in 1948 from the nation of Palestine
  35. Great Society
    Set of domestic programs announced and promoted by Lyndon B. Johnson. two main goals were racial injustice and elimination of poverty.
  36. Peace Corp
    volunteer program run by the United States government. 3 main goals: provide technical assistance, help people outside the US understand US culture, and helping US citizens understand other cultures.
  37. Bay of Pigs
    Unsuccessful military invasion of Cuba
  38. Freedom Trash Cans
    Trash cans where women through away things that represented society's objectification of women... such as girdles, curling irons, etc.
  39. Counter Culture
  40. NOW
    National Organization for Women
  41. Assassination of Martin Luther Kind, Jr. and Robert Kennedy
  42. War on Poverty
    introduced by Lyndon B. Johnson to do something about the poverty rate.
  43. Strategic Defense Initiative
    Proposed by Ronald Reagan to use space and ground-based systems to protect the US from attack by strategic nuclear missiles.
  44. MacIntosh Computers
    First Computer
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