Chp. 17 Health, Wellness, and Illness

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  1. Health
    presence or absence of disease
  2. Models of Health & Wellness
    • Clinical Model
    • Role Performance Model
    • Adaptive Model
    • Eudemonistic Model- comprehensive view of health.
  3. 7 Components of Wellness
    • Physical-The ability to carry out daily tasks,achieve fitness
    • Social-The ability to interact successfully with people within the enviroment
    • Emotional-The ability to manage stress and to express emotions appropriately
    • Intellectual-The ability to learn and use info effectively
    • Spiritual-The belief in some force(nature,science, religion or a higher power)
    • Occupational-The ability to achieve a balance between work and leisure time.
    • Enviromental-The ability to promote health measures that improve the standard of living.
  4. Wellness
    State of well-being.
  5. Models of Health & Wellness
    • Clinical Model
    • Role Performance Model
    • Adaptive Model
    • Eudemonistic Model-Comphrehensive view of health
    • Agent Host Environment Model
  6. Variables Influencing Health Status, Beliefs & Practices
    • Biologic
    • Psychological
    • Cognitive Dimensions
    • For the most part they cannot be changed
  7. Examples of Healthy Lifestyle Choices
    • Regular Exercise
    • Weight Control
    • Avoidance of saturated fats
    • Excessive alcohol and tobacco avoidance
    • Seat belt use
    • Bike helmet use
    • Immunization updates
    • Regular dental checkups
    • Regular health maintenance visits for screening examinations or tests
  8. Health Belief Models
    • Health Locus of Control Model
    • LOC- Whether clients believe that their health status is under their own or other's control
  9. Health Care Adherence
    extent to which an individual's behavior coincides with medical or health advice. Ex: taking meds, following diets or making lifestyle changes
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