Chp 20. Concepts of Growth & Development

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  1. Growth
    physical change & increase in size
  2. Development
    increase in the complexity of function & skill progression
  3. Factors Influencing Growth & Development
    • Genetics
    • Temperament
    • Family
    • Nutrition
    • Enviroment
    • Health
    • Culture
  4. Growth & Devolp Theories
    • Biophysical-development of the physical body(how it grows & changes)
    • Psychosocial Theory- development of personality
  5. Libido
    underlying motivation to human development- psychic energy.
  6. Stages of Growth & Develop
    • Middle adulthood 40-65yrs- Lifestyle changes due to other changes; Ex: children leave home, occupational goals change.
    • Young-old- 65-74yrs-¬†Adaptation¬†to retirement and changing physical abilities is often necessary. Chronic illness may develop
    • Middle-old 75-84yrs- Adaptation to decline in speed of movement, reaction time, and increasing dependence on others may be necessary.
    • Old-old 85 and older- Increasing physical problems may develop
  7. Cognitive Theory
    manner in which people learn to think, reason, and use language and other symbols.
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