Traditional Chinese Medicine Review

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  1. What are the three disciplines of Asian Medicine?
    1. Asain Bodywork (ie. shiatsu, tuina, acupressure)

    2. Herbology

    3. Chinese Nutrition
  2. Life force energy; energy that flows over the body surface in pathways is called

    Also called Ki or Chi
  3. Pathways through which the qi energy flows is called
  4. It's used for measuring the acupuncture points on body and is the Chinese anatomical human inch?
  5. The ____ is eternal and consists of all and everything. It is the Asian philosophy of life. 

    "The Path", "The Way."
    The Tao (pronounced "dao")
  6. These specific points are on the body surface on the meridians. What are these points called?
    Acupuncture Points
  7. It is still used today and is Ancient Chinese Text on Acupuncture. Also called "The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine."
    Nei Jing
  8. What is the symbol for balance - Ying/Yang
    Tai Ji
  9. It's the most fundamental concept in traditional Chinese medicine, making up the foundation of diagnosis and treatment.
    Tai Ji (Symbol for balance)
  10. What are the Three Treasures?
  11. 1. Jing (essence)
    • 2. Qi (Energy)
    • 3. Shen (Spirit)
  12. In Chinese the belly center is called?
    Tan tien or dan tien
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