Age and Ageing

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  1. Adolescent
    A young person who is developing from a child into an adult.
  2. Adult
    A fully grown person who is legally responsible for their actions.
  3. Adulthood
    The state of being an adult
  4. Ancient
    Belonging to a period of history that is thousands of years in the past. Very old; having existed for a very long time
  5. Baby
    A very young child or animal
  6. Boy
    A male child or a young male person
  7. Child (pl. children)
    • A young human who is not yet an adult <I lived in London as a child>
    • A son or daughter of any age <They have three grown-up children>
    • A person who is strongly influenced by the ideas and attitudes of a particular time or person <A child of the 90s>
    • IDM Be child`s play (informal) to be very easy to do, so not even a child would find it difficult
  8. Childhood
    The period of sb´s life when they are a child
  9. Childish
    • Connected with or typical of a child <childish handwriting>
    • Behaving in a stupid or silly way (immature) <Don´t be so childish!>
  10. Elderly
    (of people) used as a polite word for "old" <an elderly couple>
  11. Girl
    A female child or a young woman. A man´s girlfriend (old-fashioned)
  12. Immature

  13. Infancy

  14. Infant

  15. Junior

  16. Juvenile
  17. Kid
  18. Lady
  19. Maiden
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