Plant Tissues Fundamental

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  1. the types are?
    • parenchyma
    • sclerenchyma
    • collenchyma
  2. parenchyma characteristics
    • simple tissuue
    • cell type= parencymal cell
    • can vary in shape, but are relatively unspecialized cells with large vacuoles
    • have primary cell walls that are thin and alive at maturity
  3. parenchyma function
    • capable of mitosis( can take on meristematic activity)
    • plays role in wound healing and regeneration
    • storage of food
    • metabolic activity
    • often see it in association with conduction system
  4. parenchyma location
    all over: roots, stems and leaves
  5. collenchyma
    • simple tissue cells are collenchyma cells that are elongated cells
    • it has a cell wall with uneven thickenings at edgesĀ 
    • alive at maturity
  6. collenchyma function
    support of primary plant body
  7. collenchyma location
    • just beneath epidermis in stems
    • found in ribs and along veins
  8. schlerencyma characteristics
    • more specialized than other two
    • considered complex with two cell types which are both deat at maturity
    • both have primary and secondary cell walls that are thick and filled with lignin (lignified)
    • fibers: elongated with tapered ends
    • sclerids: highly irrecular in shape and short
  9. schlerencyma function
    • schlerids: mechanical protection
    • fibers: support
  10. schlerencyma location
    • found in stems
    • associated with conduction (vascular tissue)
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