Plant Tissues: Dermal

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  1. What are they?
    • epidermis
    • periderm
  2. epidermis characteristics
    • Consists of usually one layer of cells; prevalent cell is epidermal cell proper (tabular in shape); often associated with crescent-shaped cells, called guard cells (pairs)à make up stomal apparatus (allows for exchange of gases)
    • Epidermal cell: often associated to be parenchymal cell despite tabular shape; most lack chlorophyll; in the area of the leaf and the stem, the epidermal cells secrete a waxy cuticle on top of tissue; not present in the roots; in the roots, its called root hairs
  3. epidermis function
    • Guard cells allow for exchange of gases
    • Epidermal protect and prevent dehydration of the moisture of the plant through the waxy cuticle
    • Root hairs increase SA for the absorption of water and minerals
  4. epidermis location
    • Found on surface of all primary plant parts’ found on surface of stems and roots
  5. periderm characteristics
    complex tissue composed of cork and cork cambium

    • cork: cells dead at maturity filled with lipid substance called suberin
    • cork cambium: meristematic tissue that gives rise to new cork cells as cork sloughs off
  6. periderm function
    protection of underlying tissues
  7. periderm location
    surface of stema nd non-functional roots (used for anchorage) that are part of secondary plant
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