Med Term 4

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  1. American Osteopathic Association
  2. cervical vertebrae 1-7
  3. cephalopelvic disproportion
  4. chest x-ray
  5. cystoscopy
  6. doctor of dental surgery (dentist)
  7. doctor of osteopathy
  8. delirium tremens
  9. fetal alcohol syndrome
  10. fracture
  11. water
  12. IPV
    inactivated polio vaccine
  13. lumbar vertebrae 1-5
  14. left lower quadrant (abdomen)
  15. left upper quadrant (abdomen)
  16. osteoarthritis
  17. osteopathic manipulative therapy
  18. orthopedics (orthopedist)
  19. post-polio syndrome
  20. physical therapy (therapist)
  21. rheumatoid arthritis
  22. right lower quadrant (abdomen)
  23. right upper quadrant (abdomen)
  24. thoracic vertebrae 1-12
  25. abdomen
    belly area, cavity below the thorax
  26. abdominocentesis
    surgical puncture of the abdomen to remove fluid
  27. abduct
    move away from the midline (verb)
  28. abduction
    movement away from the midline
  29. aberrant
    wandering from normal location, process, or behavior
  30. abnormal
    deviating from the average or expected
  31. addiction
    habitual attraction, may include physical dependence
  32. adhesions
    tissues grown together that are normally separate
  33. amniocentesis
    surgical puncture of the amnion to obtain cells for testing
  34. arthritis
    inflammation of a joint
  35. arthroplasty
    surgical repair or reconstruction of a joint
  36. arthroscope
    instrument to look into a joint
  37. arthroscopy
    process of using an arthroscope to examine a joint
  38. bursa
    serous sac between a tendon and bone (pl. = bursae)
  39. bursectomy
    excision of a bursa
  40. bursitis
    inflammation of a bursa
  41. cardiocentesis
    surgical puncture of the heart to remove fluid
  42. chondralgia, chondrodynia
    cartilage pain
  43. chondrectomy
    excision of cartilage
  44. chondrocostal, costochondral
    pertaining to cartilage and rib
  45. costectomy
    excision of a rib
  46. cystocele
    herniation of the urinary bladder (into the vagina)
  47. cystoplasty
    surgical repair of the urinary bladder
  48. cystoscopy
    process of examining the bladder
  49. cystotomy
    incision into the urinary bladder
  50. dentalgia
    tooth pain
  51. dentist
    specialist in care of teeth
  52. dentoid
    resembling a tooth
  53. dysplasia
    poor or defective development
  54. etiology
    study of the origin of a disease
  55. fascia
    tissue that connects muscle to muscle
  56. fracture
    break or crack
  57. hydrocele
    serous fluid accumulation in a saclike cavity
  58. hydrocephalus
    fluid in the skull causing deformity and brain damage
  59. hydrocyst
    fluid-filled sac
  60. hydrophobia
    abnormal fear of water, rabies
  61. hydrotherapy
    therapy using water
  62. hyperplasia
    abnormally increased development referring to to quantity of cells
  63. interchondral
    pertaining to between the cartilage
  64. intercostal
    pertaining to between the ribs
  65. interdental
    pertaining to between the teeth
  66. kyphosis
    (hunch back) posterior thoracic curvature
  67. ligament
    tissue that connects bone to bone and supports visceral organs
  68. lumbar
    pertaining to the lower back, between the thorax and sacrum
  69. meniscitis
    inflammation of the meniscus
  70. meniscectomy
    excision of the meniscus of the knee
  71. myelocytes
    bone marrow cells
  72. myelodysplasia
    defective development of the bone marrow or spinal cord
  73. orthodontics
    dental practice of straightening teeth
  74. orthodontist
    dentist specializing in straightening teeth
  75. orthopedist
    physician specialist in treatment of skeletal and joint disorders
  76. orthotics
    pertaining to appliances used to support muscoloskeletal system
  77. orthotist
    specialist who develops and assists patients with orthotics
  78. osteitis
    inflammation of the bone
  79. osteoarthritis
    inflammation of the bone and joint
  80. osteoarthropathy
    disease of bone and joint
  81. osteochondritis
    inflammation of the bone and cartilage
  82. osteoma
    bone tumor
  83. osteomalacia
    softening of the bone
  84. osteomyelitis
    inflammation of the bone and bone marrow
  85. osteopathic
    pertaining to the practice of osteopathic physicians or bone disease
  86. osteopathy
    disease of the bones
  87. osteopenia
    loss of bone
  88. osteoporosis
    porous condition of the bone due to deterioration of bone matrix
  89. osteosarcoma
    cancer of the bone
  90. pelvis
    the bony structure including the ilium, ischium, pubis, sacrum, and coccyx
  91. pericardium
    around the heart (membrane)
  92. perichondrium
    around the cartilage (membrane)
  93. periodontal
    around the tooth
  94. periodontist
    dentist specializing in treatment of diseased tissue around the teeth
  95. periosteum
    around the bone (membrane)
  96. poliomyelitis
    inflammation of gray matter of the spinal cord
  97. prosthesis
    artificial limb or other body part replacement
  98. prosthetics
    pertaining to prostheses
  99. prosthetist
    specialist who develops and assists patients with prosthesis
  100. pubic
    pertaining to the pubis, bone in the lower anterior pelvis
  101. rheumatology
    study of rhematic disease
  102. supracostal
    above the ribs
  103. supracranial
    above or on top of the skull
  104. supralumbar
    above the lumbar spine
  105. suprapubic
    above the pubis
  106. tenalgia, tenodynia
    tendon pain
  107. tendinitis
    inflammation of a tendon
  108. tendon
    tissue that connects muscle to bone
  109. tendinoplasty, tenoplasty, tendoplasty
    surgical repair of a tendon
  110. thoracocentesis, thoracentesis
    surgical puncture of the thorax to remove fluid
  111. thoracolumbar
    pertaining to the chest and lower spine
  112. thoracometer
    instrument used to measure the chest
  113. thoracopathy
    disease of the chest
  114. thoracotomy
    incision into the thorax
  115. thorax
    chest, area of the back posterior to the chest
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