Geography Study Guide Key Concepts

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  1. China - Population Policy- Enforced?- Effect on Soc

    Six points
    • 1. one child policy-1979 Deng Xiaoping established to limit pop growth
    • 2.Rural areas/minorities exempt
    • 3.abortion, neglect, abandonment, and even infanticide have been known to occur to female infants.
    • 4.20 to 30 million surplus men.
    • 5.only children generation will assume the role of sole caretakers of their aging parents
    • 6. Surplus men try to migrate illegally
  2. What factors account for the worldwide decline in death rates since 1945?

    4 points
    • 1.preventative and curative health care has spread to all parts of the world
    • 2. controlling epidemic and contagious diseases
    • 3. smaller families/fertility transition
    • 4. Medicine-Everyone lives longer, and infants are much more likely to survive. public health
  3. Population Pyramid-structure
    • 1.two bar graphs (one for male, one for female) side by side.
    • 2.population plotted on the X-axis and age on the Y-axis
    • 3. measured by raw number or as a percentage of the total population.
    • 4.Show sex in yr age group(cohort)
    • 5.tends to be more females than males in the older age groups, due to females' longer life expectancy.
  4. Population Pyramid Rapid Growing Country
    • 1. These pyramids show a strong base and a very narrow top.
    • 2. Birth rates are high and there many children and young people
  5. Population Pyramid shape-Slow Growth Country
    straighter" population pyramid
  6. Slow growth populaton economic/political predictions
    • -Older peop slow econ growth
    • -an increase in immigration for younger workers
    • -better education
    • -richer country
    • -less crime
  7. Rapidly Growing populaton economic/political predictions
    • -Growth in Trade
    • - low labor and production costs
    • -political instability, corruption, a lack of transparency and infrastructure, and homegrown companies without much of a reputation or brand identification.
  8. # of Stages of Demographic Transition
    1234 possibly five
  9. Stage one of Demographic transition
    4 points
    • 1. high fluctuating birth and death rate
    • 2. No great population growth
    • 3. Barely education/medication
    • 4. Many children less old peop. Little fam plan
  10. Stage 2 of Demography

    3 points
    • 1. rise in population
    • 2. improved sanitation, tech, and transport
    • 3. better health care: higher living standards/longer life expectancy.
  11. Stage 3 of Demography

    4 points
    • 1. low death rate + declining birth rate = more pop
    • 2. fam plan, better education, lower infant mortality rate, a more industrialized life
    • 3. More women work
    • 4. More westernized
  12. Demography Stage 4
    • 1. Highly established pop like switzerland
    • 2. very low birth/death rates
  13. Demography Possible  stage 5
    • 1. negative growth rate=less births than deaths
    • 2. country such as Sweden
    • 3. Very developed
  14. Contrast arithmetic and physiologic densities
    • A.
    • 1. total # of pop in proportion to area of land size
    • P.
    • 2.  total pop in proportion to the area of arable land.
  15. What are low/high arithmetic/physiologic densities of several countries?
    • Canada  AD 3(Low) PD 71(Low)
    • U.S.      AD 31(Low) PD 172(Low)
    • Egypt    AD 75(Low) PD 2,580(High)
    • U.K.      AD 247(Low)PD 1,069(High)
    • Japan    AD 338(low) PD 2,907(high)  
    • India     AD 350(Med)PD 699(high)
  16. What are the four most populated concentrations in the world and what are their concentrations?
    • China-1,343,239,923 above one billion
    • India- 1,210,193,422 above one billion
    • U.S.- 315,562,000 above three hundred million
    • Indonesia- 237,641,326 above two hundred mil
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