Fluids and Electrolytes

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  1. Crystalloids Mechanism of Action
    contains fluids and electrolytes that are normally found in the body
  2. Crystalloids Indications
    • dehydration, acute liver failure, acute nephrosis, adult respiratory distress syndrome, burns, cardiopulmonary bypass, hypoproteinemia, renal dialysis, shock
    • promote urinary flow
  3. Colloids mechanism of action
    • Increase and maintain colloid oncotic pressure
    • increase the blood volume
  4. Colloids Contraindications
    • hypervolemia
    • severe electrolyte disturbances
  5. Colloids Adverse Effects
    altered coagulation
  6. Blood Mechanism of Action
    increase colloid oncotic pressure and plasma volume
  7. Blood Adverse Effects
    • incompatible with recipient's immune system
    • transmission of pathogens
    • transfusion reaction
    • Anaphylaxis
  8. Potassium Indications
    • treat or prevent potassium depletion
    • stop irregular heartbeats and manage tachydysrhthmias that can occur
  9. Potassium contraindications
    hyperkalemia, severe renal disase, acute dehydration, Addison's disease, severe hemolytic disease, extensive tissue breakdown
  10. Potassium Adverse Effects
    • diarhea, nausea, vomiting, GI bleeding and ulceration
    • pain at injection site and phlebitis
  11. Potassium Interactions
    potassium sparing and ACE inhibitors can produce a hyerkalemic state
  12. Sodium Indications
    treat or prevent of sodium depletion
  13. Sodium adverse effects
    • gastric upset of nausea, vomiting, cramps
    • phlebitis (venous)
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