Art History Midterm

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    Edouard Manet:A Bar at the Folies-Bergère. Impressionist.
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    Edouard Manet:Olympia. Impressionist.
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    Edouard Manet:luncheon on the grass. Impressionist.
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    Claude Monet: Camille and child. Impressionist.
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    Edouard Degas:The rehearsal. Impressionist.
    Edouard Degas:Race horses. Impressionist.
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    Edouard Degas: 14 year old ballerina Impressionist.
  8. Edouard Degas: Portrait of the family Impressionist.
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    Edouard Degas: The tub Impressionist.
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    Edouard Degas: Women ironing Impressionist.
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    Mary Cassatt:The bath Impressionist.
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    Mary Cassatt: 5' o clock tea Impressionist.
  13. Mary Cassatt: Self Portrait Impressionist.
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    Mary Cassatt: The Caress Impressionist.
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    Auguste Renoir: moulin de la jaigalte Impressionist.
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    Auguste Renoir: lunchon on the boating party. Impressionist.
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    Auguste Renoir: Two young girls at the piano. Impressionist.
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    Paul Cezanne:Card Players. Post impressionist
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    Paul Cezanne:Mt. St Victroire. Post impressionist.
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    Paul Cezanne: Still life with apples. Post impressionist.
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    Paul Cezanne: Still life with apples and oranges. Post impressionist.
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    Georges Seurat: The bathers. Post impressionist.
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    Georges Seurat: Sunday afternoon. post impressionist.
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    Vincent Van Gogh: The Potato Eaters. Post impressions.
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    Vincent Van Gogh:Sunflowers. Post Impressionist.
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    Vincent Van Gogh: Night cafe. post impressionist.
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    Vincent Van Gogh: Starry night. post impressionist.
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    Vincent Van Gogh:Dr.Gachet
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    Vincent Van Gogh: Self portrait.
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    Paul Gogaun: spirit of the dead waiting.
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    Paul Gogaun:tahitian women
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    Paul Gauguin: Where do you come from, what are are we, where are we going.
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    Henry Matisse: Harmony in red. Fauvism.
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    Henry Matisse: The dancers. Fauvism.
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    Henry Matisse: Madame Matisse
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    Pablo Picasso: The old guitarist. Blue Period
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    Pablo Picasso: Boy with pipe. Rose period.
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    Pablo Picasso: Les Demoisseles D'Avignon
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