Chapter 16 Test

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  1. When cool air moves over warm water and mositure is added to the air, what kind of fog forms?
    Steam Fog
  2. What is the relative humidity when it is raining outside?
  3. Which clouds are often called "fair weather" clouds?
  4. Air that has reached its water-vapor capacity is said to be______.
  5. The dew point is the temperature at which _____.
    water vapor condenses to a liquid
  6. When using a psychrometer and the two temperatures read nearly the same, you can concluse that ______.
    the air has a high relative humidity
  7. whch precipitation process is know as a "warm cloud method"?______
  8. What time of day will the relative humidity be the lowest?
  9. When warm,
  10. When warm, moist air moves over a cool surface, what kind of fog forms?
    advection fog
  11. The process in which temperature of an air mass decreases as the air rises and expands is called
    adiabatic cooling
  12. When does water change from one phase to another
    when heat energy is absorbed or released
  13. The cloud form that is best described as sheets or layer that cover much or all of the sky is called _____
  14. What happens to molecules in rising air?
    They move farther apart
  15. Frost is an example of what process?
  16. What kind process is e
  17. What kind of process is evaporation?
  18. The conditons that favor the fomration of radiation fog are __________.
    cool, clear, calm nights
  19. What is the name of the precipitation process that occurs when large snowflakes form and fall to the ground or melt during descent and fall as rain?
  20. In nature, how is water vapor primarily added to the atmosphere?
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