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  1. Grow (increase)
    To increase in size, number, strenght or quality

    Fears are growing for the safety of a teenager who disappeared a week ago.

    The performance improved as their confidence grew.

    in sth: The family has grown in size recently.
  2. Grow (of person/animal)
    To become bigger or taller and develop into an adult

    You´ve grown since the last time I saw you!
  3. Grow (of plant)
    To exist and develop in a particular place; to make plants grow

    The region is too dry for plants to grow

    grow sth:  I didn´t know they grew rice in France. I grew all these flowers from one packet of seeds
  4. Grow (of hair/nails)
    To become longer, to allow sth to become longer by not cutting it

    I `ve decided to let my hair grow

    grow sth: I`ve decided to grow my hair.

    I didn`t recognize him - he´s grown a beard
  5. Grow (become/begin)
    To begin to have a particular quality or feeling over a period of time

    To grow old/bored/calm

    As time went on he grew more and more impatient
  6. Grow (to do sth)
    To gradually begin to do sth

    I`m sure you`ll grow to like her in time

    He grew to understand her reasons for leaving
  7. Grow (develop skills)
    grow as sth (of a person) to develop and improve particular qualities or skills

    She continues to grow as an artist

    A secure background will help a child to grow emotionally
  8. Grow (business)
    grow sth To increase the size, quality or number of sth

    We are trying to grow the business
  9. Absence makes the heart grow fonder
    IDM Used to say that when you are away from sb that you love, you love them even more
  10. It/Money doesn't grow on trees
    IDM  Used to tell sb not to use sth or spend money carelessly because you do not have a lot of it
  11. Not let the grass grow under your feet
    IDM To not delay in getting things done
  12. grow a part (from sb)
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