Chapter 6

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  1. trochanter
    Large bony process located below the neck of the femur.
  2. osteoclasts
    large cells that absorb or digest old bone tissue.
  3. osteoblasts
    Immature blood cells that actively produce bony tissue.
  4. medullary cavity
    The center portion of the shaft of a long bone containing the yellow bone marrow.
  5. long bones
    Bones that are longer than they are wide.
  6. haversian canals
    system of small canals withis compact bone that contain blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves.
  7. intercostal spaces
    spaces between the ribs
  8. lumbar vertebrae
    the vertebrae of the lower back.

  9. ossification
    the conversion of cartilage and fiberous connective tissue to bone, (the formation of bone)
  10. osteocytes
    Mature bone cells
  11. red bone marrow
    the soft, semifluid substance located in the small spaces of cancellous bone that is the source of blood cell production.
  12. sesamoid bones
    irregular bones imbedded in tendons near a joint, as in a kneecap.
  13. articular cartilage
    the layer of cartilage that covers the ends of the long bones and the surfaces of the joints.
  14. Spine
    a sharp projection from the surface of a bone, similar to a crest.
  15. sutures
    immovable joints, such as those of the cranium.
  16. stenosis
    an abnormal condition characterized by a narrowing or restriction of an opening or passageway in a body structure.
  17. tubercule
    a small rounded process of a bone.
  18. vertebral foramen
    a large opening in the center of each vertebrae that serves as a passageway for the spinal cord.
  19. bone processes
    projections or outgrowths of bones.
  20. compact bone
    hard outer shell of the bone.
  21. condyle
    knucklelike projection at the end of a bone.
  22. epiphyseal line
    a layer of cartilage that seperates the diaphysis from epiphysis of a bone, also known as the epiphyseal plate.
  23. false ribs
    Rib 8-10, connect in back but not in front. Join the seventh rib in the front.
  24. flat bones
    bones that are broad and thin with flat or curved surfaces, such as the sternum.
  25. fontanelle or fontanel
    space between the bones of an infant's cranium; the soft spot.
  26. fossa
    hollow or concave depression in a bone.
  27. hematopoiesis
    the normal formation and development of blood cells in the bone marrow.
  28. foramen
    Hole in a bone through which blood vessels or nerves pass.
  29. floating ribs
    Rib pairs 11&12, which connect in the back but do not in the front.
  30. fissure
    A groove or depression in a bone; a sulcus.
  31. epiphysis
    the end of a bone.
  32. diaphysis
    main shaftlike portion of a bone.
  33. crest
    distinct border or ridge, as in iliac crest.
  34. cervical vertebrae
    vertebrae or bones of the neck.

  35. cancellous bone
    spongy bone, not as dense as compact bone.
  36. bone markings
    special features of individual bones.
  37. yellow marrow
    located in the diaphysis of long bones, yellow marrow consists of fatty tissue and is inactive in the formation of blood cells.
  38. tuberosity
    an elevated, broad, rounded process of a bone.
  39. true ribs
    the 1st 7 pairs of ribs, connect in front and back.
  40. trabeculae
    Needlelike bony spicules within cancellous bone that contributes to the spongy apperence.
  41. thoracic vertebrae
    the 12 vertebrae of the chest.

  42. sulcus
    a groove or depression in a bone, (a fissure).
  43. sinus
    an opening or hollow space in a bone, similar to a crest.
  44. bone depressions
    concave, indented areas or openings in bones.
  45. resorption
    the process of removing or digesting old bone tissue.
  46. short bones
    bones that are about as long as they are wide. somewhat box-shaped.
  47. periosteum
    the thick, white fibrous membrane that cover the surface of a long bone.
  48. orth
  49. coccyg
  50. scapul
    shoulder blade
  51. vertebr
  52. kyph
    hunchback or pertaining to a hump
  53. tempor
    temples of the head
  54. calc
  55. acetabul
  56. femor
  57. sten
    short, contracted, or narrow
  58. malacia
  59. myel
    spinal cord, bone marrow
  60. radi
    radiation, also refers to the radius
  61. pub
  62. scoli
    crooked or bent
  63. tars
    ankle bones
  64. clavical
  65. spondyl
  66. mastoid
    mastoid process
  67. blast
    embryonic stage of development
  68. porosis
    porus, lessening in density
  69. cost
  70. ili
  71. metacarp
    hand bones
  72. maxill
    upper jaw
  73. physis
    growth or growing
  74. stern
  75. malac
  76. mandibul
    mandible, or lower jaw
  77. crani
    cranium or skull
  78. clast or clastic
    to break
  79. por
    cavity, opening, passage, or pore
  80. gen
    to produce
  81. phalang
    fingers and toes
  82. carp
  83. ischi
  84. metatars
    foot bones
  85. olecran
  86. oste
  87. pelv
  88. fibul
  89. lumb
    loins, lower back
  90. humer
  91. lamin
  92. patella or patello
  93. rach
    spinal column
  94. lord
    swayback, bent
  95. calcane
    heel bone
  96. TMJ
    temporomandibular joint
  97. THR
    total hip replacement
  98. MTP
    metatarsophalangeal joint
  99. Fx
  100. DEXA
    dual energy X-ray absorptiometry
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