BIO Stat Wk 1

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  1. Random Experiment
    An experiment that yields a random sequence of outcomes when it is repeated.
  2. Probability
    For a possible outcome θ from random experiment Y, the probability of θ is the fraction of times that θ occurs when Y is repeated an infinite number of times.
  3. Discrete quantitative variable
    If it has a finite number of possible values within any finite portion of the real number line.
  4. Discrete probability distribution
    Is a list of all possible values and their probabilities for a discrete random variable
  5. Continuous variable
    If within a defined domain of the real number line, every real number is a possible value.
  6. Cumulative probability
    For a quantitative random variable X and a real number θ, the cumulative probability of θ, written as F(θ), equals the probability that X≤θ
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