US History Review Chapters 31-33

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  1. Unrestricted submarine warfare
    Caused Wilson to break diplomatic relations with Germany
  2. Zimmerman Note
    Proposed a secret agreement between Germany and Mexico
  3. 19th Amendment
    Allowed for women’s suffrage
  4. A. Mitchell Palmer
    most adamant pursuer of “radical” elements during the Red Scare 
  5. Frederick W. Taylor
    Inventor known for his efforts to promote efficiency by eliminating wasted motions
  6. 1919 Steel Strike
    A setback for the labor movement
  7. Ku Klux Klan
    Fundamentalist, anti-Catholic organization that supported Prohibition
  8. The Jazz Singer
    First “talkie”
  9. 14 Points
    Wilson’s plan for peace at the end of World War I
  10. Chateau-Thierry
    First significant battle involving American troops in World War I
  11. Scopes Trial
    Court case centering on the issue of teaching evolution in public schools
  12. Automobiles, radios, motion pictures
    Contributed to the standardization of American life
  13. 18th Amendment
    prohibited alcohol
  14. League of Nations
    Agency proposed by Wilson to promote international cooperation
  15. Henry Ford
    Man whose greatest contribution was cheap automobiles
  16. 1920 census
    Revealed that more Americans lived in cities for the 1st time
  17. Buying on margin
    Practice of purchasing stocks by paying only a small down payment
  18. Fordney- McCumber & Hawley-Smoot
    Substantially raised tariff rates
  19. Herbert Hoover
    Presidential candidate whose great talent was administration
  20. Stimson Doctrine
    Declared the US would not recognize territorial acquisitions taken by force
  21. Andrew Mellon
    Treasury secretary who placed the tax burden on middle income groups
  22. Teapot Dome
    Scandal involving the mismanagement of oil reserves
  23. Direct aid
    Hoover felt this would harm the strength of American character
  24. “war to end all wars”
    Wilson persuaded Americans to enter the war by promising this
  25. Oil drilling in the Middle East
    Caused Harding to abandon a policy of isolationism
  26. Coolidge’s presidency
    Administration marked by support of the interests of big business
  27. Reconstruction Finance Corp.
    Organization who made loans to businesses, banks, and state and local governments
  28. U.S. troops
    Group responsible for demoralizing German troops
  29. Kellogg-Briand Pact
    Outlawed war as a solution to international rivalry
  30. Overproduction
    Major problem facing farmers in the 1920s
  31. Bonus Expeditionary Force
    Group who marched on DC to demand payments promised to veterans of WWI
  32. nationality
    The Immigration Act of 1924 established immigration quotas based on this
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