Western Civilization Quiz 2

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  1. when was rome and the roman republic founded?
    • Rome was founded in 753 B.C
    • Roman Republic was founded in 504 B.C
  2. what was important about the geography of Italy?
    • it was in a great position for overseas trade
    • lacks numerous good ports
    • the apennine mountains protects northern italy and its many hills served as battle advantages
  3. who was livy?
    a famous historian
  4. who was Cicero?
    a famous historian.
  5. who founded rome?
  6. who was romulus's brother that eventual also killed him?
  7. Rome went from being a Kingdom-250 yrs
    to being a Republic-500 yrs
    then evenually to being a Empire- 500 yrs
  8. what were the Etruscans
    great traders
  9. what was unique about the death sentence for Roman Citizens?
    you could only kill them by beheading them since it was a quick way to death
  10. who was the first dictator of Rome?
  11. who was the primary god of Rome?
    Janus, it had two heads
  12. what were the two chief roman magistrates called?
  13. what was the roman word for king?
  14. who was the captain of the kings guard?
  15. who were the first two consuls of Rome
    Brutus and Pubeis Luberis
  16. what year was Italy under Roman control by?
    243 B.C
  17. what was citizenship with Franchise?
    Citizenship with the right to vote
  18. what was the SPQR?
    Senate and People of Rome
  19. Rome is governed in two parts which are?
    The senate and the people
  20. rome had blocks divided into groups that contained which type of people?
    the wealthy.
  21. what was the senate made of?
    knoble class where magistrates came from nominated by their community
  22. what is cumita curiata?
    they are blocs that vote on magistrates and deals with the law
  23.  what is comita centuria?
    military and it deals with the law
  24. what is a consul?
    at the very top office, there are two of them, they are generals and have veto power, priests
  25. what are praetors?
    second in command to the consu, they interpret the law
  26. what are the quaestors?
    they manage the money that comes in
  27. what are the Aedils?
    they maintain the function of rodes, buildings, etc, and are the head of the religious affairs and festivals
  28. what is a censor?
    a census of all the citizens to count people for tax purposes and determine who can all senators
  29. what is cursos honorum?
    order of all offices
  30. what is the order of all offices
    • Quastor
    • Aedile
    • Praetor
    • Consul
    • Censor
  31. what is civil laws?
    protects the lives of citizens
  32. what is natural law?
    it applies to all people
  33. who were the plebians?
    the commoners
  34. who were the patricians?
    nobles, (only patricians could be senates, magistrates, generals, interpret law, and ratify laws)
  35. what are the Lecian sexten laws?
    it granted plebians the right to serve in offices specifically the senate office.
  36. what are the tweleve tables?
    place where laws were written on.
  37. what was the equity law?
    applied to citizens and the provinces they were in
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