Sociology 120

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  1. Ability to bring about an intended outcome, even when opposed by others
  2. The approach that is the "Ability to bring about an intended outcome"
    Power-to approach
  3. Approach that overcomes opposition; the capacity to dominate others
    "Power over"
  4. An increase in the capacity of people to bring about an intended outcome
  5. What committee seeks to empower an oppressed group through a combination of economic assistance and educational programs?
    Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC)
  6. Stratification based on various ascribed characteristics determined at birth
    Caste System
  7. Power who legitimacy is derived from the extraordinary personal characteristics of an individual leader, which inspire loyalty and devotion
    Charismatic authority
  8. A group of people who share a roughly similar economic position and lifestyle
  9. Stratification determined by economic position, which results from a combination of individual achievement and family of birth
    Class System
  10. to force people's compliance by threatening, intimidating, pressuring, or harming them
  11. treating others unequally based on their background or other personal characteristics
  12. A condition that exists when those in power have successfully spread their ideas-- and marginalized alternative viewpoints-- so that their perspectives and interests are accepted widely as being universal and true
  13. A form of authority that relies on force or coercion to generate obedience.
    Illegitimate power
  14. The unequal distribution of resources among groups of people
  15. A perspective that highlights the connections and interactions between various forms of inequality, especially race, class, and gender
    Intersectionality theory
  16. Authority that is voluntarily accepted by those who are affected
    Legitimate power
  17. The opportunities offered by a person's economic position
    Life Chances
  18. the interlocking systems of oppression associated with race, class, and gender
    Matrix of domination
  19. Male domination through social institutions and cultural practices
  20. to obtain people's compliance by convincing them of the correctness of your position and goals
  21. The specific strategies people use to influence others in everyday life
    Power tactics
  22. a special advantage or benefit that is not enjoyed by everyone
  23. Power that has legitimacy because it is based on established laws, rules, and procedures
    Rational-legal authority
  24. to encourage people's compliance by offering some compensation as positive incentive
  25. the process whereby a status group maximizes its own advantages by restricting access to rewards only to members of the group
    Social closure
  26. Movement from one stratum of a stratification system to another
    Social mobility
  27. A theory that questions taken-for-granted assumptions about society by looking at it from multiple viewpoints, especially from the perspective of people in subordinate positions
    Standpoint theory
  28. Social structures and cultural norms that create and maintain inequality by ranking people into a hierarchy of groups that receive unequal resources
    Stratification systems
  29. Power that has legitimacy because of compliance with well-established cultural practices
    Traditional Authority
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