Sociology 120

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  1. People and groups who teach us about our culture
    Agents of socialization
  2. The process by which individuals practice for a future social role by adopting the norms or behaviors associated with a position that have not yet achieved
    Anticipatory socialization
  3. A theory than contends that biology, specifically our genetic make up, almost completely shapes human behavior
    Biological Determinism
  4. the values and orientations of one's overall community rather than those of specific individuals
    Generalized other
  5. implicit lessons conveyed in school about how children should behave
    Hidden curriculum
  6. Looks at how age, time, and place shape social identities and experiences over a lifetime
    life-course perspective
  7. the idea that our sense of self develops as a reflection of the way we think others see us
    Looking glass self
  8. the part of the self that is spontaneous, impulsive, creative, and unpredictable
    Mead's "I"
  9. The sense of self that has been learned from interaction with others
    Mead's "me"
  10. a disagreement about the relative importance of biology and the social environment in influencing human behavior
    Nature versus nurture debate
  11. the learning of the informal norms associated with a type of employment
    Occupational socialization
  12. a group of people, usually of comparable age, who share similar interests and social status
    peer group
  13. the process by which individuals replace old norms and behaviors with new ones as they move from one role or life stage to another
  14. activities that mark and celebrate a change in a person's social status
    rites of passage
  15. the collection of thoughts and feelings you have when considering yourself as an object
    sense of self
  16. a theory that contends that culture and the social environment almost completely shape human behavior
    Social determinism
  17. the process through which people learn their culture's basic norms, values, beliefs, and behaviors
  18. confining social setting in which an authority regulates all aspects of a person's life
    Total institution
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