Test 2- Reflexive Verbs

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  1. burlarse
    to make fun of
  2. dares cuenta de
    to realize
  3. cuidarse
    to take care of oneself
  4. irse
    to go away
  5. enamorarse
    to fall in love
  6. casarse
    to get married
  7. to ahve fun
  8. quejarse de
    to complain
  9. reirse
    to laugh
  10. mudarse
    to move
  11. apurarse
    to hurry up
  12. negarse (ie)
    to refuse
  13. sorprenderse
    to be surprised
  14. callarse
    to be quiet
  15. enterarse de
    to learn about
  16. equivocarse
    to make a mistake
  17. acordarse de
    ro remember
  18. olvidarse de
    to forget
  19. reunirse con
    to get together with
  20. sentirse
    to feel
  21. avergonzarse
    sentir avergonzado
    to feel embarrassed, ashamed
  22. ponerse + an adj.
    to become
  23. asustarse
    to be scared
  24. preocuparse
    to be worried
  25. romperse
    to break one's foot/arms etc
  26. calmarse
    to calm down
  27. vestirse
    to get dressed
  28. alegrarse
    to be happy
  29. despedirse
    to say goodbye
  30. cortarse
    to cut oneself
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