584 Amputations UE

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  1. Primary causes of hand and digital amps (2)
    • trauma
    • congenital
  2. Desensitization techniques (6)
    • Rubbing
    • Tapping
    • Vibrating
    • Submerging
    • Exercise
    • Gentle massage
  3. How soon can you see a change in hypersensitivity?
    2 days - Nerve cells regenerate on a 48 hour cycle
  4. Ideal length for transradial amp
    • half of the forearm
    • -can use residual limb for holding, supporting and bi-manual tasks
  5. First priority for UE amps
    One handed techniques
  6. Two prosthetic options for transradial or transhumeral amps
    • Body/Cable Powered
    • Myoelectric
  7. This type of amp is frequently associated with shoulder dsyfunction.
    transhumeral (above elbow)
  8. True or false:
    For a transhumeral prosthesis it is common
    to go with a hybrid myelectric elbow and a body powered hand
  9. Training for transradial prosthesis includes (6)
    • orientation of objects in terminal device for pick-up and drop
    • body mechanics
    • grading the resistance of the terminal device
    • positioning of the terminal device for different tasks
    • education on skin inspection
    • Donning and doffing
  10. Body mechanics education for UE Prosthetic training (5)
    • •plan ahead to make the tasks easier
    • •choose an appropriate terminal device position for the task
    • •limit trunk deviation as much as possible
    • •use other arm to position the item(s) in a functional orientation
    • •use items in surroundings to change the position of the object once it has been
    • picked up to decrease compensatory movement
  11. How do you provide more resistance to opening the terminal device?
    Adding additional elastic bands
  12. Pain management techniques (7)
    • Mirror box therapy
    • Visualization
    • Medications
    • Positioning
    • Edema control
    • Fitting with prosthesis
    • De-sensitization
  13. What type of movements are best for mirror box therapy?
    Slow and small movements
  14. Limitations to body powered prosthesis (8)
    • •Impact on the contralateral shoulder
    • •Terminal device often does not resemble a
    • human hand
    • •Not equal function in different arm
    • positions
    • •Large objects are very challenging to
    • pick-up
    • •Limited grip strength
    • •No active wrist movement
    • •Limits forearm rotation
    • •Only one degree of freedom gained
  15. How many degrees of freedom does the hand and wrist have?
  16. What does TMR stand for?
    Targeted Muscle Reinnervention
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