Bio 256 2E

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  1. Sympathetic NS
    Fight or flight
  2. parasympathetic NS
    • resting and digesting
    • conserves energy during relaxationg
  3. Effectors of SNS
    skeletal muscles via heavily myelinated
  4. Effectors of ANS
    Cardiac muscle, smooth muscle, and glands via two- neuron chain
  5. Diuresis is____ and it is usually stimulated by the ___ nervous system
    Urination, parasympathetic
  6. Dual innervation of most effectors
    both parasympathetic and sympathetic pathways
  7. Preganglionic neuron
    • arises in CNS
    • Axon is myelinated
  8. Postganglionic fiber
    • Outside the CNS
    • Unmyelinated
  9. Adrenegic
    • Found in sympathetic NS
    • secreted by postganglionic neuron of sympathic nervous system
  10. Nicotinic receptors for ACh
    found on parasympathetic and sympathetic
  11. a2 andrenergic
    • vasoconstriction of arteries
    • promotes blood clotting by stimulating platelets
  12. B1 receptors
    • increase heart rate
    • coronary artery vasodilation
    • increase release by kidneys
    • increase lipolysis in adipocytes
  13. B2 Andrenergic receptors
    Inhibition= smooth muscle relaxation: dialation of airways, relaxation of smooth muscle of digstive and urinary viscera and pregnant uterus
  14. B3 andrenergic receptors
    • lipolysis of brown adipose tissue
    • relaxation of smooth muscle in bladder
    • thermogenesis in skeletal muscle
  15. parasympathetic tone
    • slows the heart
    • dictates normal activity levels of digestive and urinary systems
    • sympathetic division can override with stress
  16. unique roles of the sympathetic division
    • regulation of:
    • adrenal medulla
    • sweat glands
    • arrector pili muscles
    • kidneys
    • most blood vessels
  17. Hypothalamus
    main integration center of ANS activity
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