World Power

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  1. What is Imperialism?
    building and maintaining an empire
  2. What had been US policy for over 100 years?
  3. What were the causes of Imperialism?
    • Industrial Revolution
    • Closing the frontier
    • example of European nations
    • american Nationalism
  4. Why was the Industrial revolution a cause of Imperialism?
    creates a need for resources and markets
  5. Why was closing the frontier a cause of Imperialism?
    caused a need for expansion elsewhere
  6. What is Jingoism?
    intense national pride
  7. What was manifest destiny?
    Idea that we were obligated to spread our culture to other people
  8. What were Missionary motives?
    wanted to Christianize other lands
  9. What is Collective Darwinism?
    Idea of survival of the fittest applied to nations
  10. What did Alfred T. Mahan write? What did it say?
    • The Influence of Sea Power Upon History
    • US needed a strong navy
    • needed overseas basis 
    • expanded markets
  11. When did US buy Alaska from Russia? What else did we get?
    • 1867
    • Mid way islands
  12. Why was America involved in Hawaii?
    US sugar producers controlled Hawaii
  13. What was Queen Liliukalani's solgan?
    • Hawaii for Hawaiians
    • they revolted
  14. Why did Cleveland oppose annexation of Hawaii?
    Hawaiians didn't want it
  15. Why did the US annex Texas in 1898?
    to protect them in the spanish-american war
  16. What were the causes of the Spanish-American war?
    • Cuba- we trade with cuba
    • Yellow Journalism
    • Delome Letter
    • USS Maine
    • Public Opinion- major cause 
    • Teller Amendment
  17. What is Yellow Journalism?
    Sensationalizing the news
  18. What was the Delome Letter?
    Spanish diplomat wrote a letter that was insulting to McKinley and it was published
  19. What was the USS Maine?
    battle ship that blew up in the Havana Harbor
  20. What was the Teller Amendment?
    US would not annex Cuba
  21. What happened in the Naval Battle of the Spanish American War?
    US defeated Spanish in two major naval battles
  22. What happened in San Juan/Roughriders?
    TR and the Roughriders defeat Spanish
  23. What were the Results of the Spanish-American War?
    • United Americans
    • Exposed problems with army
    • Cuban independence
    • US gains Philippines from Spain and Guam from Puerto  Rico
    • Anti-Imperialist movement
    • TR became a national hero
    • Insular Cases
  24. What was the Platt Amendment?
    US had the right to intervene in Cuba at anytime
  25. Who led the revolt in the Philippiguines?
    Emilio Aguinaldo
  26. What did the US do to Filipinos during the revolt?
    put them in concentration camps
  27. How did the revolt in philipines end?
    US promised to give philipines there independence in 1942-we dont keep promise because of Japanese in WWII
  28. What was the Anti-Imperialist movement based on?
    moral, political, and economic reasons
  29. What was the question and answer of the Insular cases?
    • are the people in the territories citizens?
    • no
  30. What what the Chinese Exclusion Act?
    put a 10 year ban on Chinese immigration
  31. What were Spheres of Influence?
    European countries controlled Chinese sea ports
  32. What was Open Door Policy?
    China was open to trade with all countries
  33. What the Boxer Rebellion?
    Chinese rebels tried to get rid get influence
  34. What the result of Boxer Rebellion?
    china came under more foreign controll
  35. What did Teddy Roosevelt and Treaty of Portsmouth do?
    ended a war between Japan and Russia and made Japan upset and they ignored the treaty
  36. What was the Gentlemen's agreement?
    • Japan agreed to discourage immigration
    • US promised not to pass immigration law against Japanese
  37. What is the Takahira Treaty?
    Japan and US agreed to respect each others rights
  38. What happened with the Panama Canal?
    • The French started building the canal, but had to stop
    • Columbia who owned Panama refused to let the US finish the canal
    • US helps Panama win its independence
    • Panama lets US finish canal and is completed in 1914
  39. What was Roosevelt's Big Stick Policy?
    Idea of showing US power
  40. What was the Roosevelt corollary to Monroe Doctrine?
    US would be the policeman of the western hemisphere
  41. What was Taft's Dollar Diplomacy?
    Use of money to influence Latin America
  42. What was the US involvement in Mexico?
    US had over a billion dollars invested in Mexico
  43. What was Wilson's attitude when the Mexican Revolution started?
    Watchful waiting
  44. Why did Wilson refuse to recognize Mexico's new leader?
    He came to power through assainiation
  45. Who was Pancho Villa? What did Wilson do about him?
    • Mexican who crossed border, raided American towns, and killed people
    • sent army to capture him and they failed
  46. What were the tensions between US and Mexico?
    on the point of war by 1917
  47. What was FDR's Good Neighbor Policy?
    improved US relations in Latin America
  48. What was the US reaction to WWI?
    offically neutral
  49. What was the US involvement in WWI(at first)?
    most favored the British
  50. What was Wilson's position on WWI?
    wants to protect US neutality rights
  51. What was the cause of the blockades?
    both sides wanted to stop the US from trading with the other
  52. What boats did Germany use for the blockade?
    U Boats
  53. What was the Lusitania?
    British ship sunk by a german u boat and 128 americans were killed
  54. What was  the american reaction to the Lusitania?
    Many americans wanted to go to war
  55. What was Wilson's response to the Lusitania?
    warned germany to stop submarine warfare
  56. What is the Sussex Pledge?
    Wilson got germany to stop submarine warfare
  57. What was the result of the Lusitania?
    turned US opinion against germany
  58. What happened in the election of 1916?
    Wilson wins on solgan "He kept us out of war"
  59. What were the reasons for US entering WWI?
    • Germans resume submarine warfare in Febuary of 1917
    • most important reason
    • Zimmerman Telegram
    • Russian revloution
    • Wilson Idealism
  60. What was the Zimmerman telegram?
    German attempt to get Mexico to go to war with US
  61. Why was the Russian Revolution?
    March of 1917 the Czar of Russia is overthrown and they try to set up democracy
  62. What did wilson say about WWI?
    • wilson said the war would make world safe for democracy
    • war to end all wars
  63. Was the US prepared for WWI?
  64. What was the selective service system?
    agency in charge of draft during WWI
  65. Where did 2/3 of the money for WWI come from?
    war bonds
  66. What was the war industries board?
    set up to regulate industry for the war effort
  67. What was the Great Migration?
    blacks moved out the south to the north to get jobs
  68. What was the Food Administration?
    • effort to conserve food
    • herbert hoover
  69. What was the Creel Committee?
    set up to promote public support for the war
  70. What was the Espionage act?
    tried to control opposition to the war
  71. What were uin Fourteen points?
    • No secret treaties
    • Freedom of the seas
    • Equal trade with all nations
    • reduction of arms
    • adjustment of colonial claims
    • self-deterruination of Nations 
    • League of Nations-most important
  72. What were the problems with the treaty of Versailles?
    • Failed to follow Fourteen Points
    • war guilt clause and reparations- Germany had to admit war guilt and pay reparations
    • League of Nations
    • Republicans gain control of senate in 1918
  73. What was article x?
    said that the Leauge memembers were responsible for protecting the territory of other League members
  74. What was article XVI?
    said that the agressor nations would be punished by economic sanctions
  75. Who were the Isolationist/Irreconcilable?
    said that the League would drag the US into another war?
  76. Who were the Nationalists?
    did not want the League to tell the US what to do
  77. What ethnic group opposed the treaty of Versailles?
    the german-americans thought treaty was unfair
  78. Why did the Rublicans oppose the Treaty of Versailles?
    it was a democratic treaty
  79. Who was Henry Cabot Lodge?
    Republican chairman of the senate foreign relations committe who hated wilson
  80. Why was the treaty defeated?
    • senate revise and take out articles x and xvi
    • wilson went on national tour to support original treaty, and has stroke
    • senate rejects revised treaty twice
  81. Who ran in election of 1920 and there platforms?
    • Dem.- James Cox-ran on treaty passing
    • Reb.- Warren Harding- "return to normalcy"
  82. What were the results of the election of 1920?
    • Harding wins big
    • treaty is done in the US
    • US does not join the League of Nations
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