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  1. Solid hardwood
    • Deciduous, close grained, strong and tough.
    • ex- Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Oak and Walnut
  2. Select hardwood (Salix or Willow)
    Constructed from many different species of wood.
  3. Solid Softwood
    • Conifers (cone bearing trees with needles), knot holes, soft and easy.
    • EX Pine, Spruce, Cedar, Poplar
  4. Board Feet
    How caskets are measured. 1 ft square 1 inch thick
  5. Casket Shell
    Component part of casket consisting of Cap and Body.
  6. Caps
    Top most part of casket shell (head/foot cap)
  7. Crown
    Uppermost part, extends from rim to rim.
  8. Rim (ogee)
    "S" shaped molding
  9. Pie (fishtail)
    wedge shaped portion at each end of crown
  10. Header
    Medial portion of head and foot caps
  11. Rim Flange (Ogee flange)
    Horizontal portion of rim, comes into contact with gasket or top body molding flange.
  12. Body
    Portion of casket shell below the cap. where you put the body
  13. Top body molding
    molding along uppermost edge of the body panels.
  14. Body Panels
    sides and ends of the casket shell; where handles are attached.
  15. Base Molding
    Molding along lower most edge of body panels.
  16. Stiffners
    Reinforcing grooves in bottom
  17. Swing bar $$$
    Moveable casket handle with hinged arms
  18. Stationary bar handle $$
    non moveable casket handle
  19. Bail handle $
    single handle. lug, arm, and bar are one unit.
  20. Lug (ear)
    attached to casket body
  21. Arm
    attaches bar to lug, makes it swing.
  22. Bar
    attaches to lug or arm. grasped by the bearer.
  23. Ferrous Metal
    Any metal formed from iron (steel/ stainless steel)
  24. Steel
    Metal allow consisting of iron and carbon, low in carbon, soft, malleable
  25. US standard Gauge
    • Measurement of steel
    • 16 gauge is thicker than 20.
  26. Stainless Steel
    • Metal alloy of steel, chromium and nickel
    • Rust resist, minimum of 11% chromium
  27. 400 series
    Magnetic; used in car mufflers
  28. 300 series
    • non magnetic; used in tableware and jet engines
    • stronger and better
  29. Non- ferrous Metal
    • Any metal not formed from iron
    • Copper/ Bronze
  30. Wrought (bronze/copper)
    rolled into sheets
  31. Cast Bronze
    Most expensive type of casket
  32. Brown and Sharpe Gauge
    • Measurement of non ferrous metals; OZ per Sq. Ft
    • 32oz weighs 21 lbs
    • 48oz weighs 31lbs
  33. Cap Panel
    Fills inside of crown
  34. Head panel
    Interior portion of head cap
  35. Roll (cove or puffing)
    Lines the rim and surrounds the cap panel
  36. Gimp (fold)
    strip of metal attached to cap interior
  37. Throw (overlay)
    Aesthetic covering for foot cap or inner foot panel
  38. Apron (skirt)
    Portion of the throw which extends downward into body of casket
  39. Extendover
    Extends over top molding for aesthetic value
  40. Body lining
    drapes the inside perimeter of body of the casket
  41. Hinge cover (hinge skirt)
    Covers hinges that attach casked cap to body.
  42. Shirred Interior
    Material drawn in parallel strips and sewn with multiple needles
  43. Crushed Interior
    Created by placing a lining material on metal form addin weights steaming and attaching to suitable upholstrey. gives appearance of shirred.
  44. Tufted Interior
    Created by placing padding material between lining and backing materials. forms small raised puffs. most expensive.
  45. Tailored
    Fabric tightly stretched or drawn
  46. Lining Material
    Lines interior portion of casket
  47. Crepe
    Thin crinkled cloth of silk, rayon, cotton or wool
  48. Satin
    Fabric woven to create a smooth lustrous face and dull back.
  49. Velvet
    Silk, cotton and rayon with nap. Most expensive.
  50. Linen
    Made from flax
  51. Masselin
    Pressed paper in sheet form
  52. Padding Material
    Add bulk and softness
  53. Excelsior
    wood wool; shredded into spaghetti like strings
  54. Kapok
    Silky fibers around the seeds of silk cotton trees
  55. Hinges
    Attach cap to body
  56. End Lock
    Casket key inserted into opening in tip body molding at foot end
  57. Latch closure
    Pushed backward and pulled forward to open cap
  58. Standard Adult Wood Casket
    75 x 22
  59. Standard Adult Metal
    78 x 23
  60. Each X represents
    • 2 inches
    • length increases by 3 inch steps on infants its 6 inch steps
  61. Burial Vault Dimension
    30 x 86
  62. Transfer Container
    Outer enclosure used to protect the body or casketed remains
  63. Combo Case
    Particle board box with a cardboard tray and cover.
  64. Air tray
    Wooden tray with cardboard covering
  65. Zieglar Case
    Casket sealed metal container, for decomp metal case
  66. Alternative Container
    Unfinished wood box typically used for cremation
  67. Combo Unit
    Unit or series of unites designed to be used as casket and permanent burial receptacle.
  68. Epitaph
    Inscription placed on monument
  69. Cenotaph
    Monument erected to memory of dead ex Washington Monument
  70. Flush/flat
    top set even with ground "memorial park"
  71. Crypt
    Chamber in masoleum
  72. Niche
    space in columbarium for cremated remains
  73. Section
    largest subdivision in cemetery
  74. Block
    several lots
  75. lot
    several graves

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