Geometry AH (Quad.)

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  1. Parallelogram
    A quad. with both pair of opposite side parallel
  2. Parallelogram Property (A)
    both pair of opposite sides are congruent
  3. Parallelogram Property (B)
    both pair of opposite angles are congruent
  4. Parallelogram Property (C)
    Diagnols bisect each other
  5. Parallelogram Property (D)
    Consecutive angles are supplementary
  6. Rectangle
    A quad. with 4 right angles
  7. Rectangle Property
    diagnols are congruent
  8. Rhombus
    A quad. woth 4 congruent sides
  9. Rhombus Property (A)
    Diagonals are perpendicular
  10. Rhombus Property (B)
    Diagonals bisect opposite sides
  11. Square
    A quad. with 4 congruent sides and 4 right angles
  12. Trapezoid
    A quad. with exactly one pair of opposite sides parallel
  13. Isos. Trapezoid
    A trapezoid with non parallel sides congruent
  14. Isos. Trapezoid Property
    Diagonals are congruent
  15. Kite
    A quad. with 2 pairs of adjacent sides are congruent but not congruent to each other
  16. Kite Property (A)
    Diagonals are perpendicular
  17. Kite Property (B)
    Exactly one pair of opposite angles are congruent
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