History-Mexican American War

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  1. Arcadia Bandini
    was a Powerful Californio
  2. Manifest Destiny
    • The idea that the US should stretch across North America
    • (East to West) (Atlantic to Pacific)
  3. Why did President Polk want to control CA ports?
    • 1. He wanted to expand trade 
    • 2. protect the US
  4. The Bears rebelled against the Californios because they wanted
    to End Mexican government in CA
  5. After gaining control of Sonoma, the Bears
    declared CA free from Mexico
  6. US and Mexico went to war because
    the two countries could not agree on the border between them
  7. What was one of President Polk's goals for the Mexican-American War?
    To gain control of Californio
  8. Bernarda Ruiz
    convinced Fremont to make peace with Californio leaders
  9. In which direction did Stockton and his ships fail to reach Los Angeles
  10. Kearny and his troops traveled west to
    San Diego
  11. Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo
    • -Founded the pueblo of Sonoma.
    • -Wanted people in CA to have more say in there government
  12. John Fremont
    • was a map maker in the US Army
    • Fought to add CA to the US
  13. Gold Rush
    When? Where? Who?
    • 1848-1854
    • Northern CA 
    • James Marshall
  14. Bear Flag Revolt
    • 1846
    • Some group wanted it to become part of the US
  15. Treaty of Cahuenga
    • 1847
    • It ended the fighting in CA
  16. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidlago
    The treaty force Mexico to give California to the US
  17. Mexican-American War
    • May 1846
    • The US declared war on Mexico because President Polk wanted to acquire California
  18. Life in the Gold Fields
    Gold is a natural resource. You cannot find them many places.
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