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  1. At the end of _____________, the only character left standing is Horatio.
    Hamlet - After the death of the king, Hamlet Sr., Claudius(King's brother) seizes the throne and weds Gertrude(Hamlet's mother).
  2. ______ tricks Othello into believing that his wife Desdemona is being unfaithful, so that Othello murders her for her a
    Iago - Othello’s trusted lieutenant and right-hand man
  3. ________ ____ ________ is about the feuding Montagues and Capulets.
    Romeo & Juliet
  4. After disbelieving his youngest (and only well-behaved) daughter, ______ ______ leaves his fortune to his evil eldest two girls.
    King Lear - Was promptly removed from the throne so his evil daughters can enjoy their newfound fortunes.
  5. __________ murdered Julius Caesar.
    Brutus - Caesar's closet friend who struggles on whether to remove the tyrannical leader or spare his life.
  6. In Greek theaters, the ground the actors stood on was called the _______________.
    Proscenium - was elevated to help establish an upstage and downstage area for the audience.
  7. In __________ ______, Viola dresses as a man after the (supposed) death of her twin brother, only to be pursued by Olivia.
    Twelfth Night - A complicated tale when Sebastian, the presumed--dead brother, returns and meets Olivia-—who is currently in love with Viola, a woman.
  8. The start of Greek tragedy, a _____________ was performed by the chorus to the god Dionysus.
    Dithyramb - A hymn that involved a chorus singing back and forth with a lead singer.
  9. French dramatist _____________ wrote The Romancers and The Woman of Samaria.
    Edmond Rostand - plays are light, with no dark themes except for his poetry.
  10. _________ is a transparent fabric used as a drop in the theater to create special effects of lights or atmosphere.
  11. The fifteenth-century play Everyman is a prime example of a __________ play.
    Morality - plays that depicted the battle between good and evil through characters who each represented one of the two values.
  12. The author of A Doll’s House was ___________.
    Henrik Ibsen - Other works include Ghosts and An Enemy of the People.
  13. In ____ _______ ______ of Windsor, Shakespeare resurrects Sir John Falstaff, who keeps company with two women simultaneously that eventually discover one
    The Merry Wives - the wives get together and trap Falstaff in the woods, with their children dressed as ghouls to scare him.
  14. In Greek and Roman tales, women who roamed the forests adorned in animal skins and worshipping Dionysus were called ___________.
    Bacchae - ay also have been referred to as maenads.
  15. Playwright Eugene O’Neill’s autobiographical work, ___ ______ _______ _________ into
    Night, was discovered after his death in manuscript form.
    A Long Day's Journey
  16. The playwright ___________ wrote many farces, including The Doctor in Spite of Himself, Sganarelle, and George Dandin.
    Jean Baptiste Moliere - Also an actor, director, and stage manager
  17. French dramatist ____________ wrote the tragedies, Cinna, and Polyeucte
    Pierre Corneille - greatest work was Le Cid in 1637
  18. The lead singer of a dithyramb is called the ____________.
  19. Antonio is arrested and threatened with losing a pound of flesh when he reneges on a loan in "The __________ ____ _________".
    Merchant of Venice
  20. In The Tempest, ____________ creates a thunderstorm to trap his brother Ferdinand into coming to the island he and his daughter Miranda have been stranded on
    for twelve years.
    Prospero - Once the King of Naples, he was tricked by his brother (the heir to the throne) into staying on this deserted island
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