Palace of Versailles

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    Palace of Versailles, France, le Vau, 1660
  2. Structure - Palace of Versailles
    • Post and lintel, load bearing
    • Made of stone/masonry and brick
    • Large columns to support exterior
    • Interior barrel vaults and arches used for structure
  3. Function - Palace of Versailles
    • Residence of the Royal Court
    • Previously a hunting lodge for Louis xiii
  4. Form - Palace of Versailles
    • Ornamental work
    • Tapestries
    • Furniture
    • Reliefs
    • Paintings
    • Huge structure
    • Large courtyards
    • Two freestanding service wings
    • Hall of Mirrors
    • 1400 fountains
  5. Cultural Context - Palace of Versailles
    • Built by Louis xiii
    • Had to be adapted to fit the function of housing the Royal Court
    • Modifications were made by a town of 20,000 people whose sole purpose was to work at and for Versailles
  6. Physical Context - Palace of Versailles
    • Marshy grounds
    • 20 miles south of Paris in the countryside
    • Grounds were drained to make vast areas of gardens
    • A river has to be diverted to supply water for the fountains
  7. Historical Context - Palace of Versailles
    • Had been built by Louis xiii to serve as a hunting lodge
    • Louis xiv spent lots of time there as a child
    • Louis xiv wouldn’t allow anything to be removed from it because it held sentimental value
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