SAT 5-1

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  1. condiment
    n. a seasoning or relish for food, such as pepper, mustard, sauces, etc.
  2. devour
    v. to eat up greedily
  3. edible
    adj. able to be eaten
  4. epicure
    n. one with refined tastes, esp. in food and wine
  5. gourmet
    n. a connoisseur of food and drink
  6. graze
    v. to feed on grasses
  7. quaff
    v. to drink quickly or with enthusiasm
  8. ravenous
    adj. very hungry
  9. repast
    n. a meal
  10. sot
    n. one made foolish by excessive drinking; a drunkard
  11. matr/patr
  12. expatriate
    v. to send into exile; n. one who has moved to a foreign country
  13. maternal
    adj. characteristic of a mother
  14. matriach
    n. a woman who rules a family or clan; a highly respected woman who is a mother
  15. matriculate
    v. to admit or be admitted into a group, esp. a college or university
  16. matrimony
    n. the act or state or being married
  17. matrix
    n. a surrounding substance within which something else originates or is contained
  18. paternal
    adj. relating to or characteristic of a father
  19. patrician
    n. a person of refined manners or background; a member of the aristocracy; adj. aristocratic
  20. patrimony
    n. property inherited from one's father or other ancestor
  21. parton
    n. a sponsor; a supporter; a regular customer
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