latin nle geography

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  1. Appenines
    • mountains N/S of italy
    • spine of italy
  2. Rubicon
    river on the N most border of italy
  3. Po
    river in italy
  4. Latium
    area where rome was originally built
  5. Etruria
    • N area of latium
    • occupied by Etruscans
    • now Tuscany
  6. Campania
    area of S Italy known for agriculture
  7. Pompeii
    main city destroyed by Mt. Venus erruption
  8. Herculaneum
    • neighboring twon to Stabiae
    • city destroyed by Mr. Venus erruption
  9. Stabiae
    • neighboring twon to Herculaneum
    • city destroyed by Mr. Venus erruption
  10. Ostia
    • port city of Rome
    • at mouth of Tiber (where it meets Tyrrhenian sea)
  11. Vesuvius
    volcano that destroyed Pompeii
  12. MagnaGraecia
    Greek colonies in S Italy
  13. Brudisium
    • city on E coast (adriatic city)
    • still exists today
  14. Carthage
    • city in W Africa
    • fought against rome in Punic Wars over Mediterranean control
  15. Libya
    • country in N Africa
    • king defeated by Romans
  16. Aegyptus
  17. Alexandria
    • city in Egypt
    • major center of learning
  18. Nile
    river that runs through Egypt
  19. Gallia
    • province conquered by Caesar
    • moder day France
  20. Gallia Transalpina
    N of Alps (across Alps)
  21. Gallia Cisalpina
    S of Alps
  22. Helvetia
  23. Germania
  24. Sicilia
    • Sicily
    • one of 1st Roman provinces
  25. Hispania
  26. Creta
    • Crete
    • island in Mediterranean
  27. Athenae (Pantheon)
    • Athens
    • first western university
    • temple in honor of Athena
  28. Sparta
    city of war
  29. Corinthus
    • major trading center city
    • temple for Aphrodite
  30. Thebes
    • put together sacred bands army of Homo couples
    • city
  31. Britannia
    • Britain
    • furthest W Roman territory
  32. Troia
    • Asia Minor city (Turkey)
    • where Roman ancestors came from
  33. Rhine
    river in Germany on N border of Roman empire
  34. Rhone
    river in Gaul
  35. Alpes
    mountains N of Italy
  36. Olympus
    • mountain home of gods
    • N Greece
  37. Pyrenees
    mountains between Spain and France
  38. Mt. Aetna/Etna
    mountains in Sicily
  39. Caucasus/Caucasian Mountains
    mountains in S Russia
  40. Mt. Atlas
    mountain in N Africa
  41. Adriatic
    sea between Italy and Greece
  42. Aegean
    sea between Greece and Turkey
  43. Tyrrhenian
    sea W of Italy
  44. Ionian
    sea S between Greece and Italy
  45. Black Sea (Hellspont)
    where strait that separates Asia Minor and Europe
  46. Mediterranean (Mare Nostrum)
    sea controlled by Roman empire
  47. Pillas of Herakles/Hercules
    straight of gibraltar
  48. Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheatre)
    gladiator battles
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