Lit poetry words

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  1. Aesthetic Effects
    What the reader feels while reading the poem/the beauty found in a poem
  2. Alliteration
    The repetition of initial consonants, as the letter d in "doubting, dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before"
  3. Connotation
    all of the associations that a word has, teh secondary meaning
  4. Denotation
    The dictionary definition of a word.
  5. diction
    the authors choice of words.
  6. Figuative Language
    non-literal language
  7. Fixed Form Poem
    form that follows a prescribed structure or set of rules.
  8. Free Form Poem
    poem that follows no rules
  9. Hyperbole
    An exaggerated description or statement used for emphasis
  10. Imagery
    the image used in a literary work
  11. Lyric
    A poem that expresses the emotion of a single speaker
  12. Metaphor
    A comparison between two unlike things that does not use the word like of as but that instead suggests a direct samenes, as in "his iyes were a pool of mysery"
  13. Meter
    the pattern of rhythmic stress in a poem
  14. Narrative Poem
    a poem that tells a story.
  15. Onomatopoeia
    a word whose sound suggests its meaning
  16. Personification
    giving human-like qualities to inanimal objects
  17. Point of View
    Vantage point, perspective
  18. Rhyme Scheme
    the pattern of rhyme
  19. Selection of Detail
    ddetails used in a poem
  20. Simile
    a comparison between two things using like or as
  21. Slant Rhyme
    half rhyme "almost" rhyme
  22. Stanza
    a group of lives in a poem a poetic paragraph
  23. Structure
    the form of a poem
  24. Symbolism
    Using a concrete object to represent an abstract idea
  25. Cultural Experience
    The artistic or social influence that influences or enlighten
  26. Enjambment
    The running over of a sentence or Phrase from one Poetic line to the next.
  27. Explicit idea
    An idea stated clearly, leaving no room for confusion or doubt
  28. Implicit
    idea and idea is not plainly expressed
  29. Sound devices
    Resources used by poets to convey and reinforce the meaning or experience of poetry through the skillful use of sound. Devices used to create music in poetry.
  30. Parallelism
    when a writer or speaker expresses ideas worth with the same grammatical form. the statement, "veni, vldi, vici" (I came, I saw, I conquered) by julius Caesar is an example of Parallelism
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