OB Exam #2 (no child left behind)

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  1. What is it called when the nipples are enlarged and all that good stuff?
  2. women who is post partum should expect uterus where?
    midline below umbilicus
  3. To prevent excessive bleeding, the nurse should...
    prevent uterine atony and avoid bladder distention.
  4. What should you do when you notice a "boggy" uterus?
    massage to promote uterine contraction
  5. lochia after birth should be...
    rubra, heavy mentrual flow
  6. You dorsiflex the calf, pain. What is it?
    positive homans!
  7. What is the first thing you asses when you walk into the room for postpartum?
    emotional bonding, attachment.
  8. during home visit, you notice what as a sign of a psychosocial complication?
    lack of support, don't want to care for baby.
  9. What immunization you need for a + titer?
  10. have all cultures come up with a way to safely raise a child?
  11. korean brought seaweed soap and wants it heated up. what do you do?
    heat it up in the microwave.
  12. under the newborn and mother's health protection act, how long do they stay in the hospital after a birth and c-section?
  13. normal heart rate for baby?
  14. cold stress leads to?
    pulmonary vasoconstriction
  15. after birth, baby is placed on a cold surface. the heat transfer is called?
  16. yellowing of the skin after birth? what is going on?
  17. What Ig is from mother to child?
  18. Asian mother notes black spot on baby's back. What is that?
    Mongolian spot.
  19. baby's gluteal folds are uneven and felt a "clank". What is going on?
    hip dysplasia
  20. what is the tonic neck reflex?
    when you turn the head to one side, the side extends and the hands and feet on the other side flexes in towards the body.
  21. When is the apgar score assessed?
    1 & 5 mins after birthq
  22. give apgar score to baby wth 104 HR...
  23. where does the weight fall for AGA?
    10 & 90th
  24. Father asks why we're giving erythromycin...
    to protect against chlamydia and gonorrhea
  25. non pharmacologic management?
    all the above
  26. where do you stick for a heelstick to check glucose level on baby?
    outer (medial or lateral) part of heel
  27. infant car safety?
    rear-facing, backseat
  28. When do you give rhogam?
    RH- mothers.
  29. hormone to produce milk?
  30. breast milk is a supply and demand system which means?
    if the baby needs it, the body makes it.
  31. oxytocin is for?
    milk ejection and let-down reflex.
  32. signs of effective breatfeeding from mother?
    all the above
  33. when is the only time formula is preferred over breastmilk?
    when mom is taking meds that be passed down to infant.
  34. signs of effective breastfeeding in infants?
    all the above
  35. Math for meds answers?
    • 0.4
    • 0.5
    • 1.4
  36. AAP recommends breastfeeding for?
    exclusive for 6, cont. for 12 months.
  37. Newborns have difficulty digesting what?
  38. Cold stress causes what in the long run?
    metabolic acidosis.
  39. Passive immunity is Ig?
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