APUSH Ch. 36

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  1. Who was elected president in 1923?
    Herbert Hoover
  2. What political party was Hoover?
  3. What was Hoover's term in office?
  4. This occurred on October 29, 1929
    Stock Market Crash
  5. What was the main cause of the great depression?
    overproduction and too much consumer credit
  6. This was Hoover's plan to loan money to farmers
    Agricultural Marketing Act
  7. What major public works program did Hoover do?
    Hoover dam
  8. This was a natural disaster that involved overproduction and drought
    Dust Bowl
  9. Hoover attempted to keep foreign countries from selling in the US with this extremely high tariff
    Holly-Smot Tariff 60%
  10. Hoover's plan to loan money to banks, businesses, insurances companies and railraods
    RFC - Reconstruction finance Corporation
  11. Hoover's program to help labor unions
    Noris-Laguardia Act
  12. WWI veterans that wanted their money
    Bonus Army
  13. Who won the election of 1932?
    Franklin Roosevelt
  14. What political party was Roosvelt?
  15. Roosvelt's term in office?
  16. What miniority group voted Democratic for the first time?
    African Americans
  17. What was Roosevelt's plan to pull US out of the depression called?
    New Deal
  18. What are the 3 R's?
    Recovery, reform, relief
  19. A bunch of legislation happened in the beginning of his term What was this called?
    100 days Congress
  20. These were advisors that helped Roosevelt develop his plans?
    Brain trust
  21. This woman was first female member appointed to the cabinet
    Francis Perkins
  22. There were speeches on the radio that Roosevelt gave
    Fireside Chats
  23. Emergency bonding acts were the 1st thing he did. What did he do
    Bank holidays
  24. Glass-Stegal then reformed banking by doing this
    insure deposit
  25. New deal agency insured bank deposits
  26. Helped refinance mortgages?
  27. Regulated stock market?
  28. Help farmers?
  29. Main goal of agricultural adjustment act?
    raise prices by limiting prodution
  30. What was the Supreme Court Case that declared unconstitutional?
    US Vs. Butler
  31. What did Second AAA attempt to do?
    purchase the land and take out of production
  32. Early in the New Deal, major relief agency?
  33. Successful program attempted to employ young  men on irrigation projects?
  34. New Deal program to regulate private sector by reducing competition through codes?
  35. SC case declared NRA unconstitutional?
    Schecter case
  36. Recovery attempted to give people jobs on heavy construction projects?
  37. 1 of 2 programs that tried to give people temporary relief jobs?
    CWA or WPA
  38. Not part of original 100 days, in 1935, this program attempted to help those left out
    social security
  39. This term refers to idea of gov. giving people social services
  40. idea that the gov. should spend money to stimulate the economy?
    maintain economics or pump priming/priming the pump
  41. Doctor criticized New deal for not doing enough for the elderly?
  42. Catholic Priest criticized New Deal for not doing enough to help people
    Father Caughlin
  43. Louisiana politician criticized ND for not helping the poor
    Hughey Long
  44. Act in ND agency for labor unions
    Wagner Act
  45. Important right the Wagner Act gave labor?
    collective bargaining
  46. Brand new labor organization during New Deal?
  47. Who headed CIO?
    John Lewis
  48. Walter Ruther was leader of United autoworkers perfected a new type of strike?
    Sit down strike
  49. ND agency attempted to bring rural electrifiation in South
  50. ND agency regulated communication by telephone, telograph
  51. Who won election of 1936
    FD Roosevelt
  52. After he won 2nd term, what did FRD do with SC?
    increase number of members on court
  53. What was FDR's goal for SC?
    support of new deal
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