Environmental Law

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  1. ALJ
    Administrative Law Judge
  2. APA
    Administrative Procedure Act
  3. AQCR
    Air Quality Control Region [*CAA]
  4. ARAR
    Applicable Relevant and Appropriate Requirements [*CERCLA]
  5. ATSDR
    Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry *[CERCLA]
  6. BAT or BACT
    Best Available Control Technology *[CWA]
  7. BADT
    Best Available Demonstrated Technology *[CWA]
  8. BDAT
    Best Demonstrated Available Technology *[RCRA]
  9. BMP
    Best Management Practice *[CWA]
  10. BOD
    Biological Oxygen Demand *[CWA]
  11. BPJ
    Best Professional Judgement *[CWA]
  12. BPT or BPCT
    Best Practicable (Control) Technology *[CWA]
  13. CFC
    Chlorofluorocarbons *[CAA]
  14. CFR
    Code of Federal Regulations
  15. CO
    Carbon Monoxide *[CAA]
  16. CWA
    Clean Water Act [Also known as the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (FWPCA)]
  17. CZMA
    Coastal Zone Management Act
  18. CAA
    Clean Air Act
  19. CERCLA
    Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act [AKA Superfund]
  20. CEQ
    Council on Environmental Quality
  21. DMR
    Discharge Monitoring Report *[NPDES]
  22. DO
    Dissolved Oxygen
  23. DOE
    Department of Energy
  24. DOI
    Department of Interior
  25. EA
    Environmental Assessment *[NEPA]
  26. FDF
    Fundamentally Different Factors
  27. EDF
    Environmental Defense Fund
  28. EIS
    Environmental Impact Statement *[NEPA]
  29. EPA
    Environmental Protection Agency
    Emergency Planning Community Right-to-Know Act *[CERCLA]
  31. ESA
    Endangered Species Act
  32. FWPCA
    Federal Water Pollution Control Act [Also known as Clean Water Act]
  33. GATT
    General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
  34. HAP
    Hazardous Air Pollutant
  35. HC
  36. HCP
    Habitat Conservation Plan *[ESA]
  37. HRS
    Hazard Ranking System *[CERCLA]
  38. FIFRA
    Federal Insecticide Fungicide Rodenticide Act
  39. FIP
    Federal Implementation Program
  40. FOIA
    Freedom of Information Act
  41. FONSI
    Finding of No Significant Impact
  42. HSWA
    Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendment *[RCRA]
  43. ICS
    Individual Control Strategy
  44. I/M
    Inspection and Maintenance *[CAA]
  45. LAER
    Lowest Achievable Emission Rate *[CAA]
  46. LDR
    Land Disposal Restrictions *[RCRA]
  47. LEV
    Low Emission Vehicle *[CAA]
  48. LUST
    Liquid Underground Storage Tanks
  49. MACT
    Maximum Achievable Control Technology *[CAA]
  50. MSDS
    Material Safety Data Sheet
  51. MSWLF
    Municipal Solid Waste Land Fill
  52. NAAQS
    National Ambient Air Quality Standards *[CAA]
  53. NCP
    National Contingency Plan *[CERCLA]
  54. NEPA
    National Environmental Protection Act
  55. NESHAP
    National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants *[CAA]
  56. NGO
    Non Governmental Organization
  57. NOx
    Nitrous Oxides *[CAA]
  58. NPDES
    National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System *[CWA]
  59. NPL
    National Priority List *[CERCLA]
  60. NRDC
    Natural Resources Defense Council
  61. NSPS
    New Source Performance Standards *[CAA]
  62. NWF
    National Wildlife Federation
  63. O3
    Ozone *[CAA]
  64. OCS
    Outer Continental Shelf
  65. OMB
    Office of Management and Budget
  66. OPA
    Oil Pollution Act *[CERCLA]
  67. OSHA
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration *[OSH Act]
  68. OSH Act
    Occupational Safety and Health Act
  69. PCB
    Polychlorinated bipheynls *[TSCA]
  70. pH
    Measure pollutants under *CWA and *RCRA
  71. PM-10
    Particulate matter *[CAA]
  72. POTW
    Publicly Owned Treatment Works *[CWA]
  73. PRP
    Potentially Responsible Parties *[CERCLA]
  74. PSD
    Prevention of Significant Deterioration *[CAA]
  75. PSES
    Pretreatment Standards for Existing Sources *[CWA]
  76. PSNS
    Pretreatment Standards for New Sources *[CWA]
  77. RACM
    Reasonably Available Control Measures *[CAA]
  78. RACT
    Reasonably Available Control Technology *[CAA]
  79. RCRA
    Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  80. RFP
    Reasonable Further Progress *[CAA]
  81. RI/FS
    Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study *[CERCLA]
  82. ROD
    Record of Decision *[CERCLA]
  83. SARA
    Superfund Amendments and Re-authorization Act adopted in 1986 *[CERLCA]
  84. SDWA
    Safe Drinking Water Act
  85. SEPA
    State Environmental Policy Acts
  86. SIP
    State Implementation Program
  87. SOx
    Sulfur Oxides *[CAA]
  88. SWMU
    Solid Waste Management Unit *[RCRA]
  89. TC
    Toxicity Characteristics *[RCRA]
  90. TCLP
    Toxicity Characteristics Leachate Procedure *[RCRA]
  91. TMDL
    Total Maximum Daily Load *[CWA]
  92. TRI
    Toxic Release Inventory *[EPCRA]
  93. TSCA
    Toxic Substances Control Act
  94. TSDF
    Treatment Storage and Disposal Facility *[RCRA]
  95. TSS
    Total Suspended Solids *[CWA]
  96. UIC
    Underground Injection Control *[SDWA]
  97. UST
    Underground Storage Tanks
  98. VOC
    Volatile Organic Compounds
  99. WLA
    Waste Load Allocation
  100. WQA
    Water Quality Act *[Amendments to CWA]
  101. WQS
    Water Quality Standards *[CWA]
  102. WTO
    World Trade Organization
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