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  1. Lead I
    Lateral Surface

    lead one lateral
  2. Lead III
    Inferior Surface

    3 is below
  3. Lead VI
    Septal area

    6 septal
  4. Lead 4

    four ants, four front
  5. Bipolar leads
    I, II, III
  6. Leads I, II, III are ____ limb leads
  7. Leads aVR, aVL, aVF are  _______ limb leads
  8. V 1-6
    Horizontal plane:  leads viewed fromhorizontal plane are precordial, or V leads
  9. Bipolar leads- flow between 2 electrodes, one neg and one pos.  View is FROM neg electrode to pos electrode.  Standards leads:  __,__,__ are all Bipolar
    • 1- from rt shoulder (neg) to left (pos)
    • II- from rt shoulder (neg) to left leg (pos)
    • III- from left shoulder (neg) to left leg (pos)
  10. Unipolar leads
    other 3 limb leads and precordial or chest leads are unipolar.  Only one pos electrode
  11. Normal p-r interval
    0.12-0.20, or between 3-5 small boxes
  12. normal qrs complex
    0.06-0.12 sec, or less than 3 small boxes
  13. qt interval
    0.36-0.44 sec
  14. supraventricular
    up to how many impulses per min?
    impulse init card depol comes from somewhere above the ventricle, in the atria not SA node.

  15. role of AV node in atrial dysrhythmias

    are qrs complexes normal?
    protective barrier, blocks impulses from conduction to ventricle.  causes v rhythm to be irreg in many pts with atrial dysrhythmias

    once through AV node, conduction is normal, so qrs usually looks normal too.
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