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  1. 4 steps fertilization ?
    • sperm enter the egg
    • penetration of sperm through egg envenlope with or without adhesion to vitelline envelope
    • plasma contact and fusion
    • egg activation
  2. sucess of fertilization requires ?
    parental mating behavior
  3. capacitation ?
    sperm capability to penetrate the zona pellucida
  4. process sperm movement by chemical attractants called ?
  5. what occurs when sperm contacts egg jelly coat ?
    • acrosome release hormone by exocytosis 
    • acrosomal enzyme digest a hole hole into egg jelly
    • formation of acrosomal process
  6. sperm egg adheision ?
    • acrosome process extend to vitelline envelope
    • species specific adhesion occurs
  7. gamete fusion ?
    • fusion of egg and sperm plasma membranes
    • gamete fussion trigger egg activation (formation of fertilize cone)
  8. egg jelly glycoprotein bind to receptor rise Ca to cause ?
    acrosomal reaction
  9. protein cover acrosomal process is ?
  10. in sea urchin sperm adhere at ?
    jelly coat and plasma membrane
  11. in mammal, sperm adhere at ?
    • zona pellucida (vitellin envelope)
    • plasma membrane
  12. what space sperm enter between egg plasma membrane and zona pellucida ?
    perivitelline space
  13. what protein cause sperm stick to surface of the egg ?
    zona pellucida protein
  14. which ZP3 bind sperm during sperm egg adhesion ?
    ZP3 from unfertilized eggs
  15. what acceleration of egg metabolism before cleavage ?
    calcium transients
  16. what second messenger system activated ?
    • IP3
    • DAG
    • protein kinase C
    • Ca 2+
    • Phosphate C
  17. what regulate in  second messenger system ?
    •  PIP2 
    • phospholipase C
    • DAG 
    • IP3
    • Calcium 
  18. what reaction lead to slow block to polyspermy ?
    cortical reaction
  19. what ions across egg membrane to trigger cell cycle to begin ?
    • Na ion
    • hydrogen ion
  20. fertilization potential ?
    contact with sperm cause temporary change in membrane potential
  21. when second messenger activated ?
    contact between plasma membrane activate sperm receptor
  22. what important to produce calcium ions ?
  23. what cause IP3 generated ?
    • plasma membrane contact
    • gamete fusion
    • plasma membrane contact together with gamete fusion
  24. when fertilization releases egg from ?
    the 2nd meiotic block
  25. fusion of pronuclei forms the zygote called ?
  26. excess of adhesion sites could lead to ?
    polyspermy , fertilization of single egg by multiple sperm
  27. what alternates with sexual reproduction ?
    facultative parthenogenesis
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