Dentures Lingualized

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  1. What does balancing ramp compensate for?
    • Christiansen's phenomenon
    • posterior separation in balancing and protrusive positions
  2. Lingualized Occlusion
    maxillary lingual cusps are in contact with the mandibular occlusal surfaces in centric, working and nonworking mandibular positions.
  3. In centric lingualized occlusion, what is proper spacing of max/mand teeth?
    • about 1mm space between
    • maxillary lingual inclines of the buccal cusps
    • mandibular buccal slopes of the buccal cusps
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  4. lingual cusp tips should be in contact
    with the _________
    • central fossae of the opposing mandibular teeth
    • need not be arranged in a cusp – embrasure
    • relation ship.
  5. Describe the lingualized occlusal scheme
    Image Upload
  6. Festooning
    developing the contours of the polished surfaces of the denture.
  7. What are the polished surfaces?
    do not rest on the denture bearing surfaces interact with the mobile tissues adjacent to the denture such as the tongue, the tissues associated with the vestibule, the lips and the buccal mucosa.
  8. What are the benefits of properly contoured dentures?
    • Improved esthetics
    • particularly for high smile line who display a significant gingiva.
    • improve tolerance and comfort
    • •improve neuromuscular control and the stability of lower denture
    • • limit biting of the lip or cheek.
    • • provide appropriate tongue space permitting normal speech articulation.
  9. How should interdental papilla be?
    flat or slightly convex to avoid impaction
  10. Why stipple?
    • reflection of light
    • keep food particles from travelling up periphery
  11. What affects lip contours?
    • thickness of labial flange
    • developed during border molding the impression
    • also minimize biting of the lips
    • and cheeks.
  12. Which contour is necessary to avoid lip biting and displace corners of the mouth?
    maxillary cuspid eminences
  13. What is the gingival roll?
    posteriorly helps deflect the buccal mucosa away from the biting surfaces.
  14. What is proper thickness of palatal denture? What happens with excessive thickness?
    • 1-2mm
    • gagging & impaired speech
  15. What feature of mandibular denture contributes to stability and control?
    • lingual concavity
    • lingual: concave & gingival roll
    • prevent tooth biting
    • anchor teeth within resin
    • enhance tongue control of denture
  16. What does posterior palatal seal compensate for?
    • polymerization shrinkage
    • minor base functional movements
  17. What is the clinical determinate of PPS?
    • Transfer extent of displaceable
    • glandular tissues to impression and transfer to master cast in preparation for cast modification
    • tuberosity size & extent
    • presence of palatal torus
  18. Where should occlusal plane parallel?
    • •plane of the body of the mandible in the 1st
    • molar premolar region
    • camper's (ala-tragus)
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