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  1. او توانایی قبول شدن در امتحان را دارد ولی باید سخت تر کار کند
    She has the ability to pass the exam, but she must work harder.
  2. ability
    توانایی ، قابلیت

    the power and knowledge to do something
  3. able
    be able to do something to have the power and knowledge to do something:

    • Will you be able to come to the party?
    • Is Simon able to swim?
    • opposite : unable
  4. about
    1 - a little more or less than;a little before or after:

    • She's about 30 years old.
    • There were about 2,000 people at the concert.
    • I got there at about two o'clock.

    2 - of; on the subject of:

    • a book about cats.
    • We talked about the problem.
    • What are you thinking about?

    3 - (also around) in a lot of different directions or places:

    • The children were running about in the garden.
    • There were books lying about on the floor.

    4 - almost; nearly:

    Dinner is just about ready.

    5 - (also around) in a place; here:

    • It was late and there weren't many people
    • about.

    be about to do something to be going to do something very soon:

    The film is about to start
  5. above
    1 - in or to a higher place; higher than somebody or something: I looked up at the sky above. My bedroom is above the kitchen. There is a picture on the wall above the fireplace. opposite below2more than a number or price: children aged ten and above  opposite below, underabove all more than any other thing; what is most important: He's handsome and intelligent and, above all, he's kind!
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