GCSE Enlish literature

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  1. plot summary chapters 1-8
    • setting the scene
    • intorduced to Maycomb/Scout/Dill
    • Scout starts school and doesnt get on with Miss Caroline
    • the children try to persuade Boo Rdley to come out
    • mysteriuos gifts appear inh the outside Radley house
    • Snow falls in Maycomb this is the first time in a long while
    • Miss Muadies fire
  2. plot summary chapters 9-15
    • childrenarian lessons
    • Scout and Jem discover Atticus is defending a black man
    • Atticus kills a mad dog
    • Mrs Dubose insults Atticus to the children , Jems cuts the head off all her flowers and has to read to her every day as punishment
    • Mrs Dubose dies and the reason she was so horrible was because she had morphine
    • the children got the balck church with Cal most of the people are accepting except one person
    • Aunt alex moves in to turn Scout into a lady 
    • Dill runs away from home and truns up at the finches 
    • a lynch mob come to attack Atticus outside of jail - Scout stops them  
  3. plot summary chapters 16-23
    • the trial
    • tom Robinsons trial begins
    • Ewells testiny first - Bob is rude/obnoxious . Mayella thinks Atticus is teasing her when he speaks nicely to her
    • Tom Robinson to stand - he says Mayella invited him in the house and tryed to kiss him and that he ranway when Bob appeared
    • Atticus says Mayella was injured on the right side so the agresssor must be left handed and Tom lefts arm is paralysed
    • Tom i said to be guilty even though he is innocent . the blacks stand up for Atticus when he leaves
  4. plot summary chapters 24-31
    • the attack
    • Scout has tea with Alexandra and missionary ladies who want to help a black tribe in Africa
    • Tom is killed trying to escape from prison
    • Scout and Jem attacked on the way home from halloween
    • Boo Radley saves them and carries Jem home
    • Heck says that Bob attacked the children and was killed , they agree to say its a sin to accuse Boo of it
    • Scout walks Boo home and reflects on what shes learnt
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