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  1. Most widely used cue to initially evaluate & define people we meet?
  2. What are the functions determining household purchasing power?
    social status/income
  3. Movement to expand luxury to the less affluent
    Class to the masses
  4. Subjective Discretionary Income (SDI)
    an estimate by the consumer of how much money he or she has available to spend on nonessentials
  5. Cognitive age
    one's percieved age, a part of one's self-concept; how old you feel
  6. Age Cohort (generation)
    a group of persons who have experienced a common social, political, historical, and economic environment.
  7. Baby Boomers
    • Born during the dramatice increase of births between the end of World War II and 1964
    • Will represent nearly 80 million Americans in 2015.
    • Heavy influenced by the Kennedy assassination
    • Vietnam War
    • Recreational drugs
    • Sexual revolution
    • Energy crisis
    • Rapid growth of divorce
    • Cold war
    • Rock n' Roll; Beatles
  8. Gen X
    • Born between 1965 and 1976
    • Will represent roughly 45 million Americans in 2015
    • Smaller gen that the generation before it
    • Adulthood reached during economic times
    • First generation to be raised in mainly dual-career households
    • 40% spent at least some time in a single-parent household before 16
    • Broad view of family, which may include parents, siblings, stepparents, half-siblings, close friends, & live-in lovers
  9. Household
    all the people who occupy a housing unit
  10. Household factors that influence purchase and consumption behavior
    income & status
  11. Family household
    at least two members related by birth, marriage, or adoption one of whome is the householder (householder owns or rents the residence)
  12. Household life cycle
    HLC assumes that households move into a variety of relatively distinct and well-defined categories
  13. Family Decision making
    the process by which decisions that directly or indirectly involve two or more family members are made
  14. Initiator
    family member who first recognizes a need or starts the purchase process
  15. Information gatherer
    Individual who has expertise and interest in a particular purchase. Different individuals may seek information at different times or on different aspects of the purchase.
  16. Influencer
    Person who influences the alternatives evaluated, the criteria considered, and the final choice
  17. Decision Maker
    individual who makes the final decision. Of course, joint decisions also are likely to occur
  18. Purchasers
    Family member who actually purchases the product. This is typically an adult or teenager
  19. User
    user of the product. For many products there are multiple users
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