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  1. acquaintance
    There were seveeral acquaintance of mine at the party.
  2. conference
    Five hundred people attended a recent conference on the environment.
  3. friend
    She invited all her friends to the party.
  4. marathon
    He's going to run The New York marathon.
  5. owner
    Who is the owner of this car?
  6. responsible for
    Jed admitted that he was responsible for breaking the window.
  7. network
    We have a network of computers in the office.
  8. connection
    There is a strong connection between happiness and health.
  9. job
    Engineering is an interesting job.
  10. article
    I read an interesting article about a new cancer drug.
  11. benefit
    Exercising regulary gives you great health benefits.
  12. colony
    There are huge colonies of termites all over the brush in this part of Australia.
  13. leader
    There was a meeting of world leaders to discuss global warming.
  14. manager
    The hotel manager asked if we were happy with the service.
  15. network
    He spends most of his time networking on Facebook.
  16. survive
    The driver survived  the accident.
  17. keep in touch
    My sister  emigrated to Australia, but we keep in touch by email.
  18. partner
    All the others were taking their partners to the party.
  19. questionnaire
    Could you fill in this questionare please?
  20. a lift(in car)
    Jack gave me a lift to work in his car
  21. assistant
    I asked the assistant for a bigger size
  22. borrow
    He barrowed £2000 from his father.
  23. lend
    • неправильный глагол
    • I lent him a book
  24. lunch hour
     [lʌnʧ auə]
    I had to dash to the Post Office during my lunch hour.
  25. workplace
    She left becouse she didn't like th eatmosphere in the workplace.
  26. MBA
    Sarah has an MBA from Cranfield.
  27. translator
    She works as a translator at the United Nations.
  28. boss
    I get on well with my boss.
  29. diagram
    • ['daɪəgræm]
    • He drew a diagram of the new bridge.
  30. internet connection
    My internet connection speed at home isn't very fast.
  31. native English speaker
    The advertisement asked for 'native ['neɪtɪv] English speackers' only.
  32. version
    I prefer the original version['vɜːʃ(ə)n] of that song.
  33. take care
    Take care, and i'll see you again next Thuesday.
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