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Science Minerals

6th grade Science: Math
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  1. What is Density?
    The ratio of the mass of substance to the volume of the substance.
  2. What is Hardness?
    A measure if the ability to resist scratching.
  3. What is Reclamation?
    The process of returning land to its original condition after mining is completed.
  4. What is Ore?
    A natural material whose concentration of economically valuable minerals is high enough for the material to be mined.
  5. What is a Fracture?
    The manner in which a mineral breaks along either curved or irregular surfaces.
  6. What is Cleavage?
    The splitting of a mineral along smooth, flat surfaces.
  7. What is a Streak?
    The color of the powder of the the mineral.
  8. What is a Luster?
    The way in which a mineral reflects light.
  9. A mineral that does not contain compounds of silicon and oxygen.
    What is a Ninsilicate Mineral?
  10. A mineral that contains silicon, oxygen, and one or more metals.
    What is a Silicate Mineral?
  11. A solid with the atoms, ions, or molecules in a definite pattern.
    What is a crystal?
  12. A substance that cannot be broken down anyomore.
    What is an element?
  13. A substance made up of two or more elements joined by chemical bonds.
    What is a compound?
  14. A naturally formed, inorganic solid that has a definite crystal line.
    What is a mineral?