pediatrics 6

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  1. at 1 month baby is more flex/ext?
    more extended
  2. what's happening with the head at 1 month?
    more head and cervical mobility allowing head to turn further
  3. at 1 month, what's happening w shoulders and hips?
    proximal tightness in shoulders & hips decreased --> shoulders abd and ER, and hips ext
  4. at 1 month, whne prone, what happens w head?
    kid can lift and turn head side to side
  5. eyes at 1 month
    can follow with eyes to midline
  6. eyes at month 2
    visual tracking past midline from side to side
  7. what kind of posture dominates head and extremities at month 2?
  8. what's happening w ext/flex at month 2?
    more extended - gravity continues to elongate flexors
  9. month 2, what's happening w head and kicking
    • greater head lag
    • bilat symmetrical kicking
  10. 3 month old posture
    symmetry and midline become more dominant, tho asymmetry not uncommon
  11. 3 month old supine head abilities
    can turn head side to side and briefly maintain it in midline
  12. 3 month old prone head skills
    lift 45-90 degrees and maintain midline bc of bilat contraction of extensor muscles
  13. why doe 3month olds do side accidental rolling?
    head rotation causes wt shifting, and the shoulder girdle collapse, so the baby rolls
  14. 3 month old UE/EL characterized by...?
    bilat abd and ER (frog legged)
  15. what happens if you pull a 3 month old from supine to sit? leave it to sit unsupported?
    • head lags into neck hyper ext -- needs antigravity flexors to stop the head lag
    • falls back
  16. hands to midline happens when
    3-5 months
  17. prone on elbows happens when
    3-5 months
  18. prone unilateral reaching happens when
    4-6 months
  19. prone extended arms happens when
    4-6 months
  20. pivot prone happens when
    4-6 months
  21. roll prone to supine segmental happens when
    4-6 months
  22. supine head lifting happens when
    4-6 months
  23. 4 month legs
    less frog legged, increased ext and add, less ER
  24. 4 month hands
    to midline, exploring mouth, exploring all over
  25. 4 month eyes
    dissociated from head, can track while head is still
  26. 4 month grasp
    • uses ulnar side of hand to pick up object
    • wrist will be flexed
    • thumb not involved
    • can't transfer btwn hands
    • but reaches with both hands, tho one does the grabbing
  27. supine hands to knees happens when
    • 4-6months
    • abs are activating for this
  28. suin hands to feet happens when
    4-6 months
  29. feet to mouth happens when
    4-6 months
  30. propped sitting happens when
    5-6 months
  31. supine bridging happens when
    5-7 months
  32. when can a kid first hold a bottle
    5 months
  33. radial palmar grasp (picking up object using thum bad first two fingers) happens when?
    5 months
  34. volitional rolling begins when?
    5-6 months
  35. what's the rolling like a t0-3 months?
    • accidental
    • log rolling
  36. when does propped sitting (hands on ankles, supporting torso) happen?
    5 months
  37. forward flexion in propped sitting after __ months is a red flag for poor abdominal, erector spinae, and hip control
  38. 6 month sitting
    • unsupported ring
    • scap add - high guard posture
    • if head rotates, infant falls
    • can reach ant but not lat
    • props arms forwards, not sideways
    • LEs used for position stability to prevent wt shifting
  39. standing at 5 months
    partial wt bearing
  40. standing at 6 months
    • full wt bearing
    • hips & knees flexed
    • feet pronated
  41. whencan a kid transfer toys hand to hand?
    • 6 months
    • fingerfeeds and has palmar grasp then too
  42. unsupported ring sit w high guard happens when
    5-7 months
  43. role supine-prone segmental happens when
    5-7 months
  44. indep sitting (arms free to reach w/o LOB) happens when
    7-9 months
  45. assumes sitting indep happens when
    6-10 months (norm is 8)
  46. quadruped happens when
    7-9 months
  47. 7 month main thing
    getting ready for quadruped - so, spending more time prone and getting up to all fours, rocking,
  48. when does bunny hpping happen
    month 7 -- kid is on its way to crawling, but using LEs at once and UEs at once
  49. when should kid pick up scissors w thumb up?
    3-5 yrs
  50. how much should a backpack weigh?
    no more than 10-15% of kid's wt
  51. transition to sitting from quadriped when?
    7-8 months
  52. walking happens when
    12-14 months
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